The Clara Kent Chronology




Here I will post a description of the Clara Kent Stories and the order in which they occur.  As the stories are available, I will post a link to them by each description.  Eventually I will add ratings and word counts for each.


The “Pilot Episode” and sequel should be read first to set the framework for the stories. The Pilot was “Saved by an Angel.” The sequel was “The Temptation of Lex Luthor.” I may “destroy” the sequel and split it up into little stories so that the chronology can be read start to finish without confusion as to what occurred first.


I will signify stories that are outlined and not written by two asterisks (**) and stories that are written but not yet typed or posted by a single asterisk (*).


Some stories were removed from the line up but are still available upon request.  Contact for the links to the removed stories.




1. Heal  Rated PG [2519 words]  Sixteen month old Kayla is playing with her friend when he rushes off to prevent a disaster.  Jor-El discovers that Kayla is more than a normal Kryptonian girl and becomes concerned for her future and what that means for the survival of their race.


2. The Arrival  Rated PG [4580 words]  Clara is heading towards Earth and is dealing with the death of her parents and the possibility of living a prisoner of the spaceship that carries her. First meeting with the Kents and Lex and Lionel Luthor.


3. Steam Cream  Rated G [2911 Words]  Introduction of heat vision.


4. Domestic Help  Rated PG [1870 Words] Clara makes friends with a neighbor and has her first fist fight.


5. Little Blue Men Like Cookies  Rated G [1383 Words] Jonathan wants Clara to admit that she ate 4 dozen cookies that Martha had left to cool in the kitchen before going to bed.


6. Unfit?   Rated G [2143 Words]  Jonathan reconsiders his decision to raise Clara as his daughter.


7. Hide and Seek  Rated PG-13 [1915 Words]  Clara learns about life by watching.


8. Ouch!  Rated PG [1815 words]  Jon tries to teach Clara how to pretend to be hurt in situations where a normal human girl would be hurt.


[References to Clara’s early childhood in “Stake Out.”]


9. From Hell With Love  Rated PG [3600 Words]  Clara is invited to her first sleep over and is told something about the fate of her birth parents ....


10. The Substitute  Rated PG  [958 Words]  Clara's fears keep her from helping one of the two people she loves the most.


11. Kryptonian Quarantine  Rated G [988 Words]  The Kents must decide if it is safe to allow Clara to interact with other children.


12. Bad Hair Day  Rated G [3889 words]  Clara reacts to a fairy tale. The nature of Clara’s hair is revealed.


13. Spare Time  Rated PG [2463 words]  Clara has time to kill when she is separated from Jonathan in downtown Smallville.


14. Remnants  Rated G [6016 words]  Clara eats some wax fruit and gets deathly ill.


[References to Clara’s early attempts at flying in “The Fear of Not Flying.”]


15. It is Not!  Rated G [202 words]  Clara disappears from the church playground after over hearing something that concerns her.


16. Communion  Rated PG [2544 words]  Clara reacts to learning about the extent of world hunger. Clara has an audience with the Pope.


17A. Beyond Legal Limits  Rated R [5451 words]  Clara is accused of breaking a law by Sheriff Ethan.  NOTE:  This is Rated R due to Sheriff Ethan's gross abuse of his power and position to take sexual advantage of a minor.


17B. Disclothesure  Rated R [3314 Words]  Clara's behavior worries Martha.  She goes to Sheriff Adams for some answers. NOTE:  This is Rated R because it continues the story of "Beyond Legal Limits."


XX. Growth Spurt  Rated PG-13 [9018 words]  Martha gets worried when Clara gets a fever and won’t wake up, … but Jon seems to have other things on his mind.  [Removed from Line Up]


18. A Chance to Breathe  Rated G [2659 words]  Clara decides to try out for the cheer leading squad to try to fit in at school, but one of the girls at the try out reminds her of an incident in her youth and causes Clara to reconsider what she will do as an extra-curricular activity.


19. Hall P*ss  Rated PG-13 [943 Words]  Lana goes too far with Clara and Clara shows a different side of her personality.


20. Cupid's Arrow  Rated PG [2115 words]  Clara dresses up for mischief and vengeance but hits an unintended target.


21. Saved by an Angel  Rated PG-13 [2431 words]  Clara meets Lex for the second time of her life when she pulls him from the river after his car plummets off a bridge. Pilot episode.


22. The Temptation of Lex Luthor  Rated R [26,628 words]  Overview of Lex’s courtship of Clara. Red Kryptonite and Helen Bryce.


[The following stories up until “Hidden Fears, Frozen Tears” occur within the events of “The Temptation of Lex Luthor.”]


23. The Cave  Rated PG [1242 words]  Parallels “Skin Walker” episode of “Smallville.” Lex and Clara have a romantic picnic. Clara gets worms and causes a cave in.


24. In Convenient  Rated PG [3573  words]  Clara is excited about an invitation only to be disappointed by what really awaits her.


25. It's Nothing Really  Rated PG-13 [2221 words]  Clara tells Jon and Martha about her meetings with Lex Luthor.


26. Kissing Tale  Rated PG-13 [4035 Words]  Lex angers a foreign exchange student when Lex tries to have him deported.  [Alternate Universe version of "Jinx" by Mark Warshaw.]


27. Stake Out  Rated PG-13  [21,803 words]  Clara becomes the living scare crow when she is chosen as the victim for the annual homecoming tradition by the football team. Lana reveals the story of how Clara rescued her as a child – and incident that led Clara to being home schooled.


28. Snatch the Pebble  Rated PG-13  [4003 words]  Lex decides to teach Clara self-defense. Clara meets an old friend of Lex’s. He has an immediate attraction to her and signals his intention to aggressively pursue her affections.


29A. The Farmer Girl from Hell  Rated PG-13 [26,202words]  Clara loses her powers to a young man she rescues. Now she must convince him to get close enough to her so that she can take back what she lost.


29B. Learning Process  Rated PG-13 [471 words]  At the end of "The Farmer Girl From Hell," Martha has to sit Clara down and explain the facts of life.  Clara understood the biology and mechanics, but not the desires and drives that humans have in seeking someone to satisfy their mating urges.  That conversation was kept private from the general public, but here, for the first time, a portion of that conversation is revealed.


XX. It Does a Baby Good  Rated PG-13 [2805 words]  Clara misunderstands what is expected of her when she volunteers to hold sick babies in the Smallville Hospital’s critical care nursery. [Removed from Line Up]


30. Love Her Like A Brother  Rated PG-13 [1751 words]  Lionel calls his son to a meeting so he can tell him about Clara’s “true” origins.


31. A Proper Complement  Rated PG-13  [2978 words]  Principal Kwan assigns Clara the job of escorting a new foreign exchange student around school on his first day of classes.


32. Luthorwaynea  Rated G [1483 words]  Clara overhears some plans Lex and Bruce have for her and decides to put a stop to it before it starts.


33. The Fear of Not Flying  Rated PG [2443 words]  Clara learns how to fly when she stops consciously trying to do so.


34. The Greater Blessing of Service and Contentment **  Rated PG-13  [    words] Cassandra offers Clara and Lionel a glimpse of their futures.


35. The Hesitation  Rated PG-13 [5739 words]  Lionel Luthor investigates a report by one of his spies that there is alien technology hidden in a barn on the Kent farm.


36. Book Bound  Rated G [3531 words]  Clara’s efforts to pay for her addiction pays off.


37. A Familiar Face **  Rated PG-13 [    words]  Tina Greer makes a play for Lex.


38. Ways to Beat the Heat  (alternate title: "Heaven Scent")   Rated PG-13 [17,723 words]  Lex has a whirlwind romance and marries Desiree.  Someone see this as an opportunity to make his feeling know to Clara.


39. Salvage  Rated G [5456 words]  Clara's interest in the space program becomes personal.


XX. An Affair She’ll Always Remember   Rated R [5375 words]  Clara comes home after being out all night and has a lot of money. She remembers accepting an offer from Lionel Luthor and spending the night with him.  [Removed from Line Up]


40. A Fast Ride to the Graveyard  Rated PG-13 [10,655 Words].  Clara's winter project doesn't go as smoothly as she had hoped and she faces forces that her powers are useless against.


41. Pen Pals  Rated PG-13 [6781 words]  Clara exchanges letters with a foreign friend she has never met. Clara shares one of her fears and a her pen pal shows up to take her to a distant land.


42. A Change in the Weather  Rated G [1888 words]  Lex comes to Clara for emotional support. The only relative that he feels close to has gone missing in an avalanche and is presumed dead.  Note:  Lex had a brother that "Smallville" audiences never knew about.  His Mother miscarried due to a fall down the stairs.  In Clara's universe, this baby is born and is named Julian.  The baby who was known as "Julian" in Clark's universe was named "Henry" in Clara's universe.


43. D Day   Rated PG [4560 words] Clara tries to make her school assignments interesting and gets bad marks for her efforts. Super hypnotism is introduced.


44. Seeking Serenity   Rated PG [3762 words]  When a peace attempt fails between Clara and Lana, Clara questions her commitment to helping people.


45. Chair Bound  Rated PG-13 [2411 words]  Clara visits an exhibit by Dr. Swann in New York. The exhibit has ancient Kryptonian artifacts on display. Dr. Swann shows Clara one of the crystals of power with unexpected results for both of them.


46. Alone   Rated PG-13 [3818 words]  Clara again finds that good deeds get punished when she isn’t free to explain her secret. Filled with self-pity and anger, Clara puts herself in a hopeless position. Clara gets a tattoo.


XX. The Chosen One   Rated R [14,658 words]  Forces anxious for Krypton's rebirth come into play leading to the discovery of ancient Kawatche artifact and a fight over who will be -- the man destined to be Clara's mate.   [Removed from Line Up.]


47. Dog Gone  Rated G [3104 words]  Clara finds that her best friend is missing.


XX. Banged In Bus *  Rated R [   words]  Clara steps in when men dealing in internet video pornography attempt to abduct Lana.  [Removed from Line Up]


48. If I Should Die Before My Wake  Rated PG [3402 words]  Friends gather at the coffin containing Clara Kent to honor her.


49. Making a Mountain Seem Like a Molehill  Rated PG [13151 words] People keep trying to convince Clara to go to Colorado with them ... and don't intend to take no for an answer.


50. Clara and the Volcano  Rated PG [23,792 words]  Things heat up for Clara when she volunteers to be the virgin sacrifice.  She thought it was pure superstition that she was dealing with but she ends up being myth-taken.  Special appearance by Arthur Curry.


51. Getting Nowhere Fast **  Rated PG-13 [    words]  Clara meets someone faster on his feet than she is on hers when a young man rescues Martha.


52. The Dress Off Her Back  Rated PG-13 [5954 words]  Lex’s plans for a ‘merger’ with Clara goes wrong.  Lionel decides that he has to deal with Clara in a much more direct, permanent fashion.


53. An Aversion to Wormholes  Rated PG-13 [2411 words]  Lex takes advantage of Clara while she is sleeping … and Jon demands an explanation.


54. A Private Tour  Rated R [3147 words]  Clara decides to stop holding back with Lex when it seems certain that she is about to be sentenced to prison.


55. Chained Heat Vision **  Rated Pg-13? [   words]  Clara’s life in prison.


56. Lex Luthor's Bachelor Party Rated G [Lex’s last night before marriage.]


57. Living Doll  Rated PG [Other titles "toyed with" included "Nanites Have Rights" & "Let My Nanites Go!" & “No!  No Nanites!”]   [5331 words]  Clara attempts to regain her rights to the Bottle City of Kandor's residents.


58. Baby Daze  Rated PG [598 words]  Clara zones out late in her first pregnancy.


59. Stay Tuned  Rated G [701 words]  Clara gets to enjoy something that she never liked before … and gets addicted.


60. Don't Mess With Me  Rated G [257 words]  Clara is surprised by one man's lack of panic in the face of a crisis.


61. There's No 'S' In El  Rated G [1334 words]  Lois Lane asks Superwoman about the significance of her belt buckle ... then writes a story detailing the source of Superwoman's powers.


62. The Man I Could Have Been  Rated PG-13 [4526 words]  Clara Kent meets Lex Luthor, Martha Kent and … Clark (Superman) Kent.


63. Hidden Fears, Frozen Tears  Rated R [63,198 words]  Clara fears that Lex is being unfaithful to her. The story of Clara’s fight with Doomsday is told.


64. Clara’s Coming Out Party  Rated PG-13 [7254 words]  Clara is revealed to the world as the beautiful woman that she is … but Lex has another surprise for her that will force her to face something that terrifies her.


65. Dark Knight/Dark Secret  Rated PG-13 [1143 words]  Due to his state of mind, Diana Prince insists that Bruce Wayne change his mind about going out on patrol. Immediate sequel to “Clara’s Coming Out Party.”


66. You Only Kill the Ones You Love   Rated R [8202 words]  Leah continues to be a problem child – unleashing Lionel’s vengeance upon the Lex’s family.  This story covers an 18 month period.


67. The Rock Collection  Rated PG-13 [3319 words]  One of Clara’s sons and Clara’s sister work together on a Christmas present for Clara and the family.


68A. Fetch   Rated PG [2884 words]  The prototype spaceship is called back to Jor-El's lab when Krypton is beginning to fall apart.  The passenger is compelled to help the one member of the El family that was left behind.


68B. A Job for Krypto  Rated G [232 Words]  Just read it!  It's too short to bother describing it!


69. Fooled Around and Fell in Love  Rated R [1714 words]  One of Clara’s son’s provides a special service to Amazon women but finds that he can’t continue to be casual and stick to his business arrangement.


70. The Steel Wall  Rated PG-13 [1208 words] Fifty year old Clara is courted by a god who won’t take “no” for an answer. Clara calls for help and her would be suitor faces more resistance than her could ever imagine.


71. Awakenings  Rated PG-13 [786 words]  Jor-El and Alura awake after strange dreams to find that Kayla is not longer in the escape capsule with them.


72. The Broken Chain  Rated PG-13 [2545 words]  An 85 year old Clara Kent is determined that Earth won't suffer the same fate as Krypton -- no matter what it costs her.


A1. Cousins  Rated PG [747 words]  Parody of the Clara Kent Saga and some well known movies.


A2. Silent Stranger  Rated PG-13 [12,734 words]  This is another Kayla.  Alternate Universe Squared.  What happens when the collision of the spaceship with the planetary fragment is a little more severe?  The lost oxygen means that Kayla is not able to keep the ship from treating her as breeding stock for New Krypton.  A few seconds less air and the world of "Smallville:AU" that we know is no more.


A3. Life – No Choice! Rated PG-13 [3985 words]  Kayla becomes withdrawn and paranoid – causing problems in her marriage with Clark.