“Baby Daze” [Rated PG]

It was Sunday afternoon. Clara and Lex were spending the weekend at the mansion in Smallville. Clara was eight months pregnant with her first child. Martha had invited Lex and Clara for a late lunch. They had taken turns holding four month old Jon Kent Jr. before putting him down for a nap in a crib in what had been a guest bedroom upstairs.

Martha made all of Clara’s favorite foods. But as the conversation buzzed around her, Clara sat in front of an un-touched plate full of food and did little more than grunt in response to questions and comments directed her way. She sat with her mouth hanging open a little and her eyes glazed over. Finally, Martha said, “Are you okay Clara?”

Clara said, “Uh … huh.”

Martha said, “Aren’t you hungry?”

Clara said, “Uhh. Thirsty.”

Martha asked, “What would you like?”

Clara said, “Ginger Ale. Two liter thank you.”

Martha went to the refrigerator and got out a two liter bottle of ginger ale and went to pour some in Clara’s glass. Clara absent mindedly took the bottle from Martha and began sipping from it. Clara slowly pushed her plate away and continued sipping the ginger ale. Martha sat down and re-joined the conversation. Clara just stared into space and drank ginger ale until it was gone. A few minutes later, Clara abruptly stood straight up. The other three stopped talking and stared at her. Lex said, “Is everything all right Angel?”

Clara said, “Uh … huh. Going … upstairs.”

Martha said, “Your bed is made up if you want to lie down for a while.”

Clara walked off like a zombie. Lex said, “Maybe I should go up with her.”

Martha said, “A pregnant woman just gets very tired at times. That’s all. A little nap will do her good.”

Lex said, “Clara doesn’t get tired like that.”

Martha said, “Clara has never been pregnant before.”

Lex said, “I wish we could see a doctor about her. There are no OB-GYNs specializing in Kryptonian females.”

Martha said, “She got that thorough going over by Diana Prince’s doctor friend. Everything seems to be going incredibly well. You just have “Daddy to be jitters.” Jon could tell you all about that.” Lex smiled and the conversation continued. Martha heard the shower turn on upstairs. She went to the bottom of the stairs and called up, “Honey, are there enough towels for you.”

She barely heard Clara answer, “Okay.”

Martha shook her head and returned to the kitchen. Five minutes later, Martha heard Clara walking slowly down the stairs. She tilted her head and saw Clara from the back. She was wearing a thick robe and heading for the living room. Martha stood so she could watch Clara. Clara sat down in a rocking chair and began to rock. Martha called out, “Clara, aren’t you going to come back and join us?”

Clara said, “No.”

Martha started cutting the pie and took it to the table. Then she took a coffee pot to the table and sat down and continued to be a good host to her son-in-law. Ten minutes passed before they all heard Clara softly crying. Lex shouted, “Clara, what’s wrong?”

Clara sobbed, “Nothing.”

The three got up and walked towards the living room. Lex said, “Why are you crying, Honey?”

Clara said, “He’s … just … so … beautiful!” She continued to cry softly.

The three reached the living room and looked at Clara and the smiling baby boy in her arms.

Lawrence Edward Luther had arrived.

The End.