"Saved by an Angel"

The Pilot Episode of "Smallville: AU."

[Rated PG]

1 ======

Lex didn't know where he was. It was dark and cold. He was sick, delirious. It felt like he was being carried. Then something pressed on his chest. He felt ill. Was he throwing up? Then there was a warm, soft pressure on his mouth. His eyes fluttered open. There was dark, wet hair in his face -- a feeling he had forgotten since before the meteors came. The hair moved back. A blurred face now was in front of him and a soft, sweet voice was asking him something. As his eyes began to focus, he had the sudden realization that he had died. At first he was shocked and then happy, because if this was the face of heaven then Earth was a hell he was glad to be through with. Surely no human face could be as beautiful as the one he was looking at right now. He instinctively reached up to see if this face was tangible and gently stoked her cheek. He propped himself up slightly and glanced down the graceful neck and beyond. Again he was startled when he saw that the angel wore a light summer dress that was soaked through and through leaving nothing to his imagination. His sudden physical male response to what he saw made the fact that he was indeed alive very apparent. Suddenly dizzy he slid his hand behind his angels head to steady himself then impulsively pulled himself to her for a deep and passionate kiss. She seemed startled at first but gave in. Lex felt a surging energy pound through him and he passed out.

Some time later, Lex woke to the sound of ambulances and police. Again he opened his eyes to see this goddess before him, this time wrapped in a red blanket. He began to sit up and reached a hand for her shoulder only to feel a strong hand grip his shoulder and push him back to the ground. He looked at the man holding him down and he seemed vaguely familiar. He looked into the man’s fiery eyes and the man told him with an angry shout, "Keep your hands off my daughter Luthor!" The man began to walk away.

Lex shouted, “She saved my life! If there is anything I can do for you … ANYTHING … just ask!”

The man turned and looked back at Lex and said, “Drive slower!” The man gently pulled his daughter to his side and headed towards the road.

Lex watched as the man walked up the embankment with his arm around the woman of his dreams. She glanced back at Lex and shot him a smile that set his nerves to tingling. When a paramedic came over, Lex asked who the woman was. The man answered, "Oh, that's Clara Kent, Jonathan Kent's daughter. Don't get any ideas. I'd rather take a meal away from a starving grizzly bear than to glance towards that one. Jonathan Kent gives the term "over-protective father" a whole new meaning."

"We'll see," thought Lex, "We'll see."

2 ======

Lex prided himself on being well-prepared when it came to making negotiations for a new acquisition, but he had been too inpatient to see Clara again to do any research on the Kents. There had been police reports to fill out, an over night stay at the hospital for observation and the task of finding a new ride that would knock the ... socks off the new love of his life. He had found out where the Kent farm is and hoped he might find Clara walking somewhere between the bridge where he had had his accident and her home. He was in luck. She did indeed walk that route on a regular basis. He slowed on his approach to take a long look to make sure that what he saw the day before was real. Her clothes weren't wet today but he could tell, despite her unflattering clothes, that his eyes hadn't been lying to him. He pulled up casually and asked if she wanted a ride.

Clara said, “Oh, No! Mr. Luthor. I couldn't.”

Lex said, “Don't you like my car?”

Clara said, “It's beautiful. Even nicer than the one in the river.”

Lex stuck out his lower lip in an exaggerated pout then asked, “Then you won't get in because you are afraid of me?” Clara chuckled. Then looked Lex over again and laughed harder. Lex could have been insulted, but her laugher was musical and her face radiant. He knew that must win this woman's heart somehow – no matter what it cost. He continued to barter, “I'll drive slow. No sudden turns while on bridges.” Clara grinned at his joke but just shook her head no. Lex asked, “It's your Father then? He doesn't approve?”

Clara said, “He doesn't. But I can do as I please. I can wrap him around my little finger.”

Lex said, “I took a pretty good bath in the river yesterday and then showered today so I know it can’t be ….”

Clara said, “NO. It’s not that. In fact I really like whatever you are wearing. I might have to get Dad some of that for his birthday.”

Lex said, “Get in and I will give you a case of it. I promise, I don’t bite.”

Clara said, “It wouldn’t matter if you did bite. I’ve got tough skin. I’m not afraid of you and I don’t think you’ll hurt me … but no way am I getting in that thing with you.”

Lex said, “I don’t get it. Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Clara said, “It's too small. It would have to be a lot bigger for me to even consider it.”

Lex blushed and said, “What? Did you sneak a peek yesterday or something? I’ll assure you that I have NEVER had any complaints in that department. The river was pretty cold but ….”

Clara finally stopped walking and turned so Lex could see that Clara was blushing. She shouted, “STOP! Don’t talk about THAT! I didn’t peek. Well … YOU DID! You PEEKED! And after you did, I couldn’t help but notice that … it wasn’t …. I didn’t mean to look. Honest!”

Lex said, “So why the crack about ….”

Clara shouted, “STOP talking about that! Your CAR … your CAR IS TOO DARNED SMALL!”

Lex said, “Oh. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you … embarrass us both. Can you forget I said anything?”

Clara said, “I’m not very good at forgetting things but I am good at understanding honest mistakes and forgiving.”

Lex asked, “So if I come by in an SUV tomorrow ....”

Clara said, “Still too small.”

Lex said, “An RV?” Clara shook her head no then turned and resumed walking. Lex said, “I guess I'm walking then.” Lex pulled off the road, parked and hopped out. He asked, “I can walk with you can't I?”

Clara said, “It's a free country.”

Lex asked, “So, what's with your father. He seems pretty protective of you.”

Clara said, “You know, Dads and daughters. Mom would let me hang glide into the Grand Canyon if I promised to take a bag lunch and a fresh pair of socks.”

Lex said, “But you're ... what, 22? 26? A Father has to back off sometime.” Clara started laughing again. Lex smiled and said, “WHAT? What’s so funny now?”

Clara said, “I'm 15.” Now Lex laughed. Clara stopped walking again and turned to give him a serious look. She said, “No really. I just turned 15 last month.” Lex looked her up and down and his grin started to fade.

Lex said, “Uh-uh. No way.” Clara nodded yes. Lex said, “Oh my. I heard they grow them big on the farm. On no. Oh no! Can we sit down a while. I must not be over yesterday.” Clara took his arm with a surprisingly strong grip and guided him to a large rock where she sat Lex down and hovered over him. Lex said, “Thanks. Hmmm.” He looked her over again, then said, “Well, I've got time. I can be patient. I can wait.”

Clara asked, “Wait for what?”

Lex said, “I can wait ... a ... for this dizziness to pass. Will you sit down and stay with me a while? Until I feel better.”

Clara said, “Sure. How log do think it will be.”

Lex said, “Maybe 3 or 4 … years. Five tops.”

Clara chuckled and said, “Well, I’m not allowed to stay out THAT late. Not yet anyway.”

Lex asked, “To pass the time, why don't you tell me about yourself?”

Clara said, “What's to tell?”

Lex said, “Well. Hmmm. You didn't look like your father. Do you look like your mother?”

Clara said, “As I recall, I do look a lot like her.”

Lex asked, “As you recall? Isn't Mrs. Kent ... um ... still around?”

Clara said, “OH! Mom! No, I don't look like her. I was thinking of my birth mother. I wouldn't expect to look like my adopted mother.”

Lex asked, “You're adopted?”

Clara said, “Uh-huh. Where we were living wasn't safe so my parents decided we had to leave. They couldn't make it all the way here with me.”

Lex said, “Where are they now? Maybe I could arrange ....”

Clara said, “They didn't make it … because they died.”

Lex said, “I'm sorry.”

Clara said, “It's OK. It's been a long time. We got into a ship ... a ... a really small boat. It was a rough trip and I was trapped in the … hold of the boat until … until I got to America. That's why I don't like small spaces. My parents, the Kents, let me sleep in the hay loft and I walk to and from school now that I'm not home schooled anymore. I ride in the truck bed if I can when we have to go anywhere -- but fortunately, I have everything I need right here in Smallville. ...... You know, we met before. You were the first boy I ever saw.”

Lex asked, “What? They didn’t have boys where you came from?”

Clara said, “Oh. The first ... American boy I had ever seen. I remember you had red hair all over your clothes. I thought all boys ... all American boys were bald. My Dad drove you to the hospital and then took me home.”

Lex asked, “The day of the meteor shower?”

Clara said, “Yes. I remember, you were really sick. I was so worried about you that I almost forgot about being crowded in that truck with that man ... Oops. Was that your Dad?”

Lex said, “That's OK. I never was very comfortable traveling with him either. .... So you weren't born in America? I noticed the accent. I thought you might be Pennsylvania Dutch or something. I couldn’t quite place it … but I like the sound of it very much. Which country were you born in?”

Clara said, “I don't remember. I was pretty traumatized when I got here. Is it important?”

Lex said, “Not really, but I'm interested in everything about you?”

Clara said, “Me? That’s funny that you would be interested in me. Practically no one else is.”

Lex said, “That’s hard to believe. Exceptionally hard to believe.”

Clara said, “Well, I don’t mix well with the other kids. And I’m normally pretty shy. But tell me, why would a rich man like you have any interest in a farm girl?”

Lex said, “You saved my life didn't you?”

Clara said, “Not really. I just pulled you out of the water.”

Lex said, “There was more to it than that.  I seem to remember swerving to miss a big truck that was left of center then swerving again to miss a log on the road just to find myself headed straight towards you at the bridge railing.  Then I remember staring at you through the windshield.  You were hugging the hood of my car and staring back at me ... and I was cursing myself for killing both of us.”

Clara said, "It was something you probably imagined due to the trauma of the accident."

Lex said, "There is something else I remember quite vividly that I am very thankful for."  Lex pursed his lips without thinking about it. Clara blushed and turned away. Lex knew he’d better get back to another topic or Clara would leave. He asked, “So ... so much for my memories.  Do you ... um ... do you remember much about your birth parents?”

Clara said, “Jor and Alura? Yes, quite a lot ... but not as much as I’d like to. I’ve got something … something that helps me remember them and learn a little more about them and where I came from ... a keepsake ... but I really don’t want to talk about that now. But I remember songs my Mother sang.  I can almost hear them if I close my eyes and think about her.  And I remember how my Father held me up to give me a look at the world. Usually, he was a very harsh and controlling with me, but I can remember times when he made funny faces for me and would dance me around the room."  Clara was smiling, but the smile faded and the color left her face as she said, "I also remember the look of fear in his face when he thought that Mom and I were going to die. I could tell he didn’t give a second thought to his own safety – just to ours.”

Lex asked, “You said his name was Jor?”

Clara said, “Jor ... Jordan. She just called him Jor.”

Lex asked, “Do you remember what your last name was?”

Clara said, “El ... Ellis. And I was Kayla.” Lex got out a piece of paper and began writing. Clara asked, “What are you doing?”

Lex said, “I have people that could find out more about your parents for you.”

Clara shouted, “DON'T!  Don't. ... Please don't! The Kents are my parents. The Kents ARE my parents!!  I don't want anybody doing anything that will make them think that ... that ....” Clara threw her hand over her mouth and she looked like she might cry.

Lex said, “They don't have to know.”

Clara shouted, “NO!!!”  When Lex noticed that Clara is on the verge of tears, he tore up the piece of paper. She asked, “You won't?”

Lex said, “I won't.” Clara wrapped her arms around Lex and almost squeezed the breath out of him -- but Lex was happy as he could remember ever being. He softly said into her ear, “There IS a condition. ... I am a business man after all.”

Clara sat back and nervously asked, “What? What do I have to do?”

Lex said, “The condition is that we continue to have these walks and talks. I've enjoyed this more than I can say.”

Clara said. “Sure. It’s a deal.” Clara put out a hand to seal the deal with a hand shake. Lex shook her hand then pulled it to his lips and kissed it. She asked, “Is this how you conduct business?”

Lex said, “When I can.” The he smiled his biggest smile and said, “My dear, I think our ... friendship will be the stuff of legends.”

The End