“A Private Tour”  [Rated R]

The lawyers had made their final arguments in the Clara Kent trial. The jury was dismissed to make a decision on whether or not to find Clara guilty of causing the explosion in her laboratory at Metropolis University. As the jury filed out, Clara turned in her seat and motioned for Lex to come over. When he did, she said, “Lex, would it be okay if you gave me a tour of your mansion tonight? I really want to see your big house … before I have to go live in … another big house.”

Lex said, “Clara, they aren’t going to find you guilty. All the evidence against you was fabricated.”

Clara said, “You didn’t answer my question. I really want to see where you live.”

Lex said, “Are your parents coming too?”

Clara said, “Are you afraid to be alone with me?”

Lex said, “Of course not. I thought that you were the one that didn’t want to be alone with me at my place.”

Clara said, “Lex, this is our last chance to be alone together. You paid my bail. It’s only right that I spend my last night of freedom ….”

Lex said, “You are NOT going to be found guilty!”

Clara gave Lex a small smile and reached over to stroke his hand. She asked, “Does that mean I can’t see it?”

Lex took her hand, smiled at her and said, “Clara, I can’t refuse you anything. Do you want to have supper too?”

Clara said, “No, I just want to see everything I haven’t seen yet. I’ll be over at seven after having something to eat with my parents. We can spend the entire evening together.”

Lex said, “Okay Angel, it’s a date.”


At seven, one of Lex’s servants escorted Clara into Lex’s den. Clara had a big smile on her face as she looked all around. Lex told the man that he wouldn’t be needed anymore that night and to send the rest of the staff home. Lex had to tell the man twice because he was taking a long look at Clara.

Clara’s hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She wore a sparkly white evening gown that contoured itself to her figure. The skirt extended to a foot below her knees but was slit up the side to within a few inches of her waist. The back plunged to just below the small of her back. The dress dived in gentle V-shapes in front and below her arms with only minimal straps of fabric extending over her shoulders. A pair of white shoes with stiletto heels hung from the index finger of her left hand. Characteristically, Clara had opted to arrive in bare feet. Her toe nails and fingernails were unpainted but perfect nonetheless.

Lex looked her over from head to foot and for a few moments all he could manage to say was, “Wow!” Finally he regained a little of his composure and said, “You can’t stay long. I’m expecting my friend Clara to be here any minute now.”

Clara said, “Really? Then I’d better not waste my time.” Clara sauntered over to Lex, threw her shoes onto a coffee table, wrapped her arms around him and began kissing him. Clara moved down to kissing Lex’s neck. He managed to catch his breath and said, “Weren’t you coming over for a tour?”

Clara said, “I was … starting … at the top … and … working my … way down.”

Lex said, “I was going to offer you something to drink. Just let me know when you’re ready for a breather.”

Clara said, “That would be nice. Something bubbly maybe. Something to tickle my nose. Let me mark my spot so I don’t lose my place.” Clara applied a little suction to Lex’s neck.”

Lex said, “Hey! Ouch! Okay. So, you want champagne?”

Clara said, “I want ginger ale. Lex, you’re not trying to get me drunk are you?”

Lex said, “I wouldn’t do that.”

Clara said, “You won’t need to.” Lex took her hand and looked at it. Clara said, “What are you looking at.”

Lex said, “I thought you might have a ring with a red stone on it.”

Clara said, “Sorry. I don’t. But you won’t need that either.”

Lex said, “I’ll go get us some ginger ale.”

When Lex returned he discovered that Clara had found his stereo and had put on some music. He handed her a glass. She sipped it while staring at him. She licked her lips and said, “That hit the spot. Are you going to ask me to dance? My Dad taught me, but there are some moves that I’d like to try that I can’t use on my Dad.”

Lex just smiled and took Clara in his arms. After a while, Clara said, “I see you have a large organ. Do you know what to do with it?”

Lex said, “What?”

Clara said, “Over there.”

Lex said, “My grand piano?”

Clara said, “Whatever you want to call it.”

Lex said, “I play a little.”

Clara said, “Play for me. Then maybe you can teach me something and we can play with each other a while.”

Lex sat on the piano bench. Clara leaned against the piano and watched his every move like a cat about to pounce. Lex began to play and Clara smiled at him. She said, “You are very gifted. I didn’t know you could use your hands like that. It makes me jealous of the keyboard.” Lex laughed but Clara didn’t. She just kept staring at Lex as if she was starving and he was the main course. Lex chose a song that he had often heard Clara hum and she sang for him.

Finally Lex said, “You came for a tour but we haven’t left this room. Let’s take a walk. Is there anything that you would like to see in particular?”

Clara said, “You told me that you have an indoor pool. I’d like to see it.”

Lex took Clara’s hand and led her down the hall. Clara stuck her head into the sauna as they walked past it saying, “That’s nice.” They walked past a gymnasium and she said, “Hmmm. That takes up a lot of room.” Finally Lex touched a metal pad and a glass door opened to a room with a retractable roof containing an Olympic sized swimming pool. Clara said, “Oh, wow. I would almost trade my library for a pool like this. Oh. Lex. You can use my library while I’m gone. I hate to have it sit unused.”

Lex said, “You’re not going to be found guilty, Clara.”

Clara said, “I’m unusually hot tonight, Lex.”

Lex said, “I noticed.”

Clara said, “Could I swim in your pool.”

Lex said, “The heater isn’t on. I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

Clara said, “Please, Lex. I’m burning up. I need to cool off.”

Lex said, “Okay. I’ll crank up the heater and see if I can find you a swim suit.”

Clara said, “That’s okay Lex, don’t bother.” Lex turned to see Clara shrug her shoulders. The straps of her dress slid down her arms and her dress ended up a pile around her ankles. Lex’s jaw dropped. He saw that she was wearing nothing but a very brief pair of panties. He was surprised to see a diamond shaped tattoo on her right butt cheek. It had been removed at the same time the “LL” initials had been burned into the small of her back.  Before he could say anything, she made a flawless dive into the pool and began to swim laps. She called to him, “Aren’t you going to join me?”

Lex said, “I don’t think so!”

Clara said, “I guess I have to get out then. You are right. The water is terribly cold anyway. You have a hot tub, right? Would you get into the hot tub with me?”

Lex said, “If you get into a swimsuit, I might consider it.”

Clara said, “I’m over 18 you know.”

Lex said, “I know.”

Clara said, “I don’t want to wear some suit that another lady friend of yours might have worn. I guess I’m done being in the water because the last thing I want is to be alone tonight.” Clara came to the side of the pool at the nearest point to Lex. She began to get out and he turned his back to her. She came up behind him and put her arms around him. He felt her wetness soaking through his clothes as she began nibbling on his ear lobe. She whispered, “Could you help dry me off and warm up.”

Lex said, “I think you’d better get dressed.”

Clara said, “Okay, if you really want me to.” Clara unbuttoned Lex’s shirt before he knew what was happening. She pulled it off of him and put it on. She said, “Now I’m decent. Let’s continue our tour.” Clara took hold of his hand and led him back down the corridor.

Lex said, “Clara, what are you doing now?”

Clara said, “Taking the full, private tour. Where is your bedroom?”

Lex said, “I don’t think that that is a good idea.”

Clara said, “You’ve seen mine, now I want to see yours. You’ve even slept in my bedroom. All I want is to see where you spend one third of your life. You promised me a tour.”

Lex said, “It’s at the top of the staircase you passed coming into the mansion.”

Clara dragged him up the stairs and asked, “This one?”

Lex said, “Yes.”

Clara said, “I like it when you say yes.” She pulled him inside and said, “Oh, this is beautiful! So cozy! I imagined that there would be more mirrors … more satin and velvet and silk.”

Lex said, “It’s mainly quilts these days. It’s amazing that someone who has never been here could make quilts that so perfectly complement the room. But despite my suspicions, I still haven’t found out who made them.  So maybe that person has been here.”

Clara said, “Lex, lie down on your bed for me.”

Lex said, “Angel, please.”

Clara said, “Lie face down. You seem a little tense. I think you need a back rub.” Clara pushed Lex to the bed and he laid down. Clara put a knee on either side of Lex’s butt and sat down on his legs. Her strong hands began massaging his back and shoulders. Lex tried not to, but he moaned in pain and pleasure.

Lex said, “Please stop, Clara. I don’t think you know what this is doing to me.”

Clara said, “I hope I do.”

Clara laid down on top of him and gently bit at his shoulders and neck. Her hands pushed their way under him and began rubbing his chest and abdomen. Then Lex noticed something. He said, “Clara, are you still wearing my shirt?”

Clara answered, “No, I didn’t want to get it wrinkled so I draped it over a chair.”

Lex said, “Clara, teasing me like this is cruel.”

Clara whispered in his ear, “I don’t want to tease you. I want to please you … in EVERY way. OH! I found my mark on your neck!” Clara resumed kissing Lex on the neck where she had stopped earlier. Lex went to roll over. Clara lifted herself up enough to allow it.

They began kissing each other and exploring each other with their hands. Lex was almost out of breath. He ran his hands down Clara’s back and bottom. He moved his hands around and couldn’t feel her underwear. He said, “Clara, where are your under pants?”

Clara said, “They are by your pool. I took them off because they were wet … and I didn’t want them to get in the way.”

Lex said, “We aren’t going to do anything that you’ll need those off for. Clara, we need to stop before we go too far.”

Clara said, “Tonight, there is no such thing as “too far” for us, Lex. I’m only afraid that we won’t go far enough.”

Lex said, “I thought you wanted to wait until we are married.”

Clara said, “Plans change.”

Lex said, “Honey, it was important to you.”

Clara said, “Now it’s important that we don’t wait. We don’t have tomorrow, Lex, we only have now. We only have tonight. I can’t wait anymore … I won’t wait for some fantasy that will never happen. I made you wait too long already. I made us both wait when we could have been enjoying each other. I wasted our time and now it’s almost all gone!”

Lex said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Who says it won’t happen? Don’t you think I’ll marry you?”

Clara said, “Don’t talk, Lex! Make love to me now!”

Lex said, “Look. We can stop right now and get married. In a couple hours, we can be doing this as husband and wife.”

Clara said, “No, Lex. Now!”

Lex said, “Then when will we get married?”

Clara said, “We can’t, Lex – not ever. This is all we can do, so let’s do it! I want to know you. I want you to be my first and last … and you have waited too long for me. I cheated you Lex and I don’t want to leave you thinking that I was just teasing you for all those years.”

Lex said, “Clara, STOP!” Lex sat up and Clara rolled over. He glanced back towards her then turned away.

Clara said, “Look at me Lex! PLEASE! Don’t you want me? Aren’t I pretty enough? LEX! I don’t know how to get you in the mood, Lex.  This is all new to me.  I don’t know what to do. Tell me what I have to do to turn you on!”

Lex said, “Clara, you don’t know how NOT to turn me on. Our relationship has been a constant struggle for me to keep this from not going too far too fast. If Dad hadn’t fabricated this evidence against you, I would have hounded you into marrying me by now. Look, Angel, we have to get something straight between us right now.”

Clara reached over and touched Lex between the legs and said, “Yes we do!”

Lex pulled away and said, “Clara, MARRY ME!”

Clara said, “Alexander Joseph Luthor will NOT be married to a convict! I won’t stand for it!”


Clara shouted back, “NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT! I’m no good for you Lex. It’s over the second they pronounce me guilty. We can’t have a future, but we have tonight. Lex, please, PLEASE don’t take tonight away from me. It’s all I have. It’s all WE have. LEX!!!” Clara burst out crying.

Lex got up from the bed and found a silk robe in his closet. He came back and wrapped it around Clara. He held Clara tight from behind and kissed her on the neck. He whispered, Clara, Clara, my Angel. I won’t trade forever for a single night. I won’t. I’m too good of a businessman to ever agree to that.”

Clara said, “I never said I would marry you Lex, NEVER! I don’t even know if I CAN marry you or anyone else … for reasons I won’t tell you and you promised not to ask about. All I know is that I want you and I love you and I am going to spend years in prison without my best friend in the whole world. I don’t want you waiting years waiting for me when we can probably never be together anyway.”

Lex said, “If that’s the case, you waited too long to tell me. It’s you or no one else. I’m hooked on you for life now. And there is no patch available to help get you out of my system.”

Clara said, “If I slapped you upside your head would that do it? Tell me. Tell me. I’ll do it.”

Lex said, “Slap away. It won’t do any good.”

Clara said, “I don’t have to slap you. When you know the whole truth about what I really am, you’ll stay away from me whether or not I want you to.”

Lex said, “Believe me, it won’t matter. Whether you’re a mutant, a Lemurian, a hairless sasquatch, a genetic experiment gone terribly right, a simple farm girl … or even a Democrat … none of that matters. I love who you are. Nothing will change that. NOTHING!”

Clara mumbled, “You don’t know.”

Lex said, “So, you ARE a democrat. I think I’d better get you dressed and send you home so I can swim in the pool. You said it’s cold right?”

Clara said, “Very cold.”

Lex said, “Good.”

Clara said, “Could I swim with you?”

Lex said, “Cold water’s effect on me isn’t as flattering as the effect it has on you … and I think the pool might heat up a bit and that would defeat the purpose of me taking a dip.”

Clara said, “Lex, I’m scared. I conquered my claustrophobia thanks to you so I can stand the small cells, but I don’t want to be locked up with people like that. I have never been kept away from my family before. There was always someone. And since I’ve had you …. I don’t think I’ll be able to stand being so alone for so long.”

Lex said, “Say the word and we can skip the country.”

Clara said, “No!”

Lex said, “What do you need from me?”

Clara said, “I need you to love me.”

Lex said, “I love you with my entire being.”

Clara said, “I need you to want me.”

Lex said, “I want you so much that it is tearing me up inside.”

Clara stood up and turned towards Lex. She let the robe drop. Lex averted his eyes. Clara said, “I need you to look at me. This is me, Lex. I need to know if this is enough for you for the rest of your life. Please … please look at me.”

Lex slowly turned and looked at Clara. She spun in a slow circle for him. He smiled at her. She sat down on his lap and whispered, “Touch me Lex. Hold me tight. Feel me. Give me something to remember while we’re apart. We don’t have to go any further than you want to. We don’t have to have sex.”

Lex held Clara and kissed her and did as she asked.

The next day, Clara was found guilty of causing the explosion at Metropolis University. The Judge at first sentenced her to 18 months but increased it to two years when Clara didn’t seem repentant enough for her crime. Due to fights with other inmates, Clara ended up serving 30 months in prison. Lex and Clara married a few months after she was released. There was no reason for Clara not to wear white on her wedding day.

The End