“Fooled Around And Fell In Love”  Rated R






William laid on the bed in the room he had been given in a small house on an island near Paradise Island.  He smiled and took a deep breathe before shouting, “NEXT!”  The door swung open and a tall, dark haired woman strolled in.  She began to undress.  William said, “Whoa!  What is your name?”


The woman asked, “What does that have to do with anything?”


William said, “Humor me.  I may want to sing your praises to you while we make love.”


The woman said, “We’re NOT going to make love.  We’re here to have sex.  That’s all!  So, I don’t need you singing my name or making small talk.  If the gods are willing, you will be potent and I won’t need to come back.”


William said, “If I am lucky, my little soldiers will never break through your defenses and this will take forever.  You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen.”


The woman said, “All my sisters are beautiful.”


William said, “Yes they are … except in comparison to you.”


The woman said, “I know your Grandfather is a farmer, but all this fertilizer you are spreading won’t make me any more fertile.”


William said, “I’m not even exaggerating.  I have nothing to gain by lying to you, do I?   Whether I sweet talk you or insult you, will still have sex with me, won’t you?”


The woman said, “You really have a high opinion of yourself, don’t you?  I could always sleep with one of your brothers.”


William said, “That’s true.  I hadn’t considered something until you said that.  You picked me.  My brothers are all beautiful … yet you picked me.  Why?”


She answered, “You looked like the strong, sweet, silent type.  I guess it’s true.  Looks ARE deceiving.”


William said, “Please tell me your name.  It might help get me in the mood.”


The woman answered, “I am Donna.”


William said, “Thanks.  I think I’ll call you Madonna … because I want to think of you as my Donna.”


Donna said, “I certainly hope you sense of humor isn’t genetic!”  Donna switched off the light and continued to undress.


William said, “Turn the lights back on.  I want to see you as well as I can for as long as I can.”


Donna said, “I’d rather not.”


William said, “Please, Donna.  Or do I have to start begging.”


Donna switched the lights back on and William stared at her without blinking.  Donna said, “Geeze!  You’re REALLY embarrassing me.  I thought you would be checking out my body.”


William said, “I’ve seen plenty of bodies the last few days … believe me.  But your face … I should carve your face into a mountain somewhere.  I don’t think … I don’t think that I can do this.”


Donna said, “But you made a contract with our Queen.”


William said, “That’s why I can’t.  I’d rather walk out now that be forced to comply with the other terms of the contract.  If we had a female child ….”


Donna said, “We WILL have a female child.  I have been conditioned.  I can not be impregnated by a sperm cell containing a ‘Y’ chromosome.”


William said, “IF we had a female child together, my contract specifies that I would have to relinquish custody of that child to you and never see her again.”


Donna said, “You had that same arrangement with every other Amazon that has shared this room with you.  Why are you denying me what you had no problem giving them?”


William said, “If I had a daughter and she looked like you, I could NEVER abide by an agreement like that.  I would have to keep her for myself.”


Donna said, “What kind of treachery is this?  You WILL abide by the agreement!”


William said, “NO!”


Donna said, “Your words say no, but the way you look at me … and your body’s readiness says YES!”


William said, “No means NO!”


Donna said, “I’m sure that I can convince you to change your mind.”


William said, “Give it your best shot.”


Donna jumped into bed and crawled on top of William.  She began kissing him and running her hands up and down his body.  Donna tenderly bit at his ear and then whispered into it, “Do you want me now?”


William said, “Oh, I definitely WANT you, but not under the current terms set forth in my contract.”


Donna moaned into his ear and said, “Please make love to me.”


William said, “I thought you only wanted sex.”


Donna began kissing William’s chest and was working her way down.  His body became a blur below her as he vibrated until his body passed through the mattress.  An instant later, he rolled out from under the bed.  In the next second, he was dressed in a tight fitting red and blue uniform with the El family crest on it.  He looked down at Donna and said, “Have your people contact my people … or go visit one of my brothers.  I won’t have a Kryptozonian or an Amatonian baby with you unless I get to keep her.  Goodbye.”  William disappeared.  Donna rolled over and pounded her fists on the mattress.






[Sixteen months later]


The doorbell rang at Luthor Mansion in Smallville.  When Clara answered the door, there was a young woman standing there holding a four month old baby girl in her arms.”  Clara said, “Donna?  Donna Troy?  I haven’t seen you in a couple years!”


Donna said, “I’m flattered that you remember me Mrs. Luthor.  My name isn’t Troy anymore.  I have adopted a few of man’s world’s traditions and took my husband’s name.  He gave me this in return.”  Donna stuck out her hand and showed off her wedding ring.


Clara said, “CONGRATULATIONS!  Well, I really should be congratulating your husband.  He’s the lucky one!”


Donna said, “I think we are both lucky.  He chased me around until I finally caught him.”


Clara said, “Is this little one yours?  She’s adorable.  She looks just like you!  I’d like to invite you in, but there is an admissions charge.  You have to let me hold her for a while.”


Donna handed the baby to Clara and said, “Superwo … Mrs. Luthor … ummm.”


Clara said, “It’s Clara … or Kay … or you can call me Kayla like Diana does.  I’m just more used to being called Clara … really MOST used to being called “MOM,” but you wouldn’t want to be calling me Mom now would you?”  Clara laughed.  She said, “Well, you paid the admission price so come on in!”


Donna said, “Could we just stand here a little while longer?  My husband is supposed to meet me here soon.  He’ll be along in a minute … there’s always some an emergency coming up to make him late.”


Clara said, “I’d love to meet him.  Such a lucky guy.  Too bad you didn’t check with me first … I have all kinds of boys hanging around the house that need to grow up a bit, let go of my apron strings and start their own lives.”


Donna said, “Oh, Mrs. Luthor … uhhh … Clara  … Mom?  This is awkward.”


Clara said, “Oh Honey, I was just kidding around.  I’m sure your husband is wonderful.  You find the right one and you just have to go for it.”


Donna said, “I really wanted to tell you ... umm … you talked to Diana about a genetic defect in Kryptonian females that gives them a tendency towards aggressive and violent behavior.”


Clara said, “I thought it was just a prejudice against women that the people of Krypton hadn’t gotten over … but I learned the hard way, … an UNBELIEVABLY hard way, that it is true.  Fortunately, I was carefully conditioned after birth so that ….”


Donna said, “I just needed you to know that we Amazons raise our children with both a strict discipline and unlimited love.  Above and beyond that, I was prepared by our geneticists so that my baby would not carry that genetic predisposition towards aggressive behavior.”


Clara said, “Why would you have to worry about that?  Your baby isn’t Kryptonian.”


Donna said, “Ummm.  Mom … uh ….”


Clara said, “Donna, that ‘Mom’ thing was just a joke.”


William came to the door and said, “Hi, Mom!”


Clara smiled and said, “Well, YOU can call me Mom!  Donna, this is my son William.  William this is Donna Troy … oh … it’s not Troy anymore.  What is it?”  William laughed and snaked an arm around Donna.  Clara said, “William!  She’s a married woman.  What are you doing?”


Donna said, “My married name is Luthor … Mom.”


William said, “Mom, I see you have met my daughter Leah.  She looks just like Donna, doesn’t she?  Donna DID tell you that we are married, didn’t she?  Our first anniversary was last week.  I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about Donna and me getting married before now but ….”


Lex walked up.  He saw the shocked look on his wife’s face and said, “What’s going on, Angel?”


Clara forced a smile at Donna and William, then turned and handed the baby to Lex.  She said, “Lex, this is your Grand Daughter, Leah Luthor.  Give Donna the grand tour.  Make her feel at home.”  Clara turned and disappeared up the front stairs.  Lex just stood there bouncing his grand daughter and smiling as the tears ran down his face.






Upstairs Clara was crying as well.  Had the child been given any other name, Clara would still be downstairs with Lex rather than in bed with her face buried in pillows.  William had named his daughter as a tribute to his lost sister and out of a desire to make his parents happy.  Lex was very touched.  Clara would have to work to find a way to be able to be a part of her grand daughter’s life without letting Leah’s name effect how she felt about her and treated her.  Being with her grand daughter wouldn’t be any problem.  Hearing people call out the name “Leah” in her house again would be harder to bear than kryptonite.