“Don’t Mess With Me”

A Clara  Kent Fic-let

[Rated G]

Clara heard the screams from a hundred miles away. She surveyed the damaged dam from a great distance as she flew at top speed. She barely slowed as she swooped down to retrieve a large slab of rock from a quarry that she passed on her way to the reservoir. People ran to get away as more and more water passed through the crack in the small dam. She put the slab of rock up against the fractured surface and held it firmly against the dam to brace it against rupturing with the intention of doing a more permanent repair once everyone was safely out of the way. Everyone ran away but at a more orderly pace knowing that Superwoman was there to protect them -- everyone EXCEPT one skinny young man who casually walked up and surveyed what Clara was doing. She couldn’t believe that this man would just stand there shuffling his feet and staring up at her. Finally she called down to him, “Why are you hanging out around here?! I could hold this forever but I certainly don’t intend to!”


The man said, “I was just wondering, Superwoman, would you like to go out for a drink or dinner or something when you’re done here? I’ll pay!”


Clara stared down at the man in disbelief. He continued to smile up at her with an expectant and hopeful expression on his face. Clara said, “Don’t you know better than to mess with a woman when she's retaining water?!”




The End