“A Job for Krypto”  Rated G


Clara was eating breakfast with Lex.  She said, “Uh, Honey, Krypto asked me to ask you something.  He’s been here a while now and he’s getting bored.  He is also getting kind of serious in his relationship with Kyla and is thinking about finding his own place to live and settling down.  He wondered if you could give him a job at LexCare?”


Lex asked, “Krypto … wants a job?  What kind of work is he used to doing?”


Clara said, “Well, he thinks he’s too old to learn a new career.  On Krypton, he had the job of helping my Father do his work.”


Lex said, “Krypto was a scientist?”


Clara said, “No, not really … but he’s probably as smart as any EARTH scientist!”


Lex said, “Well, what did he do for your Father?”


Clara said, “Dad would tell Krypto what he needed and Krypto would get it for him so that Dad wouldn’t have to stop working.”  Lex laughed.  Clara scowled at him and said, “NO FETCHING JOKES!  Krypto has exceptional hearing and he’s kind of sensitive to criticism or jokes at his expense -- especially from family.”


Lex said, “You’re telling me … that Krypto wants to be … a Laboratory Retriever?”  Lex laughed uncontrollably.  Clara just chewed on a piece of toast and tried to get angry with him.