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This is a continuing effort to post links to stories that I have written.  Please e-mail me for any links that don't work or stories that are missing.

WARNING:  These stories are not yet rated -- but none of the characters are intended to resemble any Duck, living or dead!





Clark's Cave

2/25/2003.  “Clark’s Cave.”   359 Words.   A series of short stories relating to the Indian cave, the parasitic worms that lived there and Clark’s career as the super-hero “Worm Man.”



Crossed Paths

3/5/2003.  “Crossed Paths.”   554 Words.  An opening sequence for a TV show.  This was an attempt to show that sequences with flashbacks could prove a powerful tool to add drama and interest to “Smallville” episodes.



The Crimson Shadow of Smallville


5/6/2003.  “The Crimson Shadow of Smallville.”  2495 Words.  Clark finds out how a strange annual phenomenon has a direct tie to his presence on Earth.  Also, Clark gets a new look.


5/9/2003.  Ramblings.  249 Words.  People kept requesting sequels that I didn’t want to write so I added some material about Clark passing time by watching paint dry on a molecular level.


5/13/2003.  “Polymer Preferred.”  Sequel.  43 Words.  A spy changes his clothes after a hard day’s work.


5/13/2003.  “Krypton Lives?”  Sequel.  828 Words.  Dr. Swann gives Clark exciting news about Krypton and a possible trip in Clark’s future.


5/14/2003.  “Well, It Wasn’t A Plane.”  58 Words.  Sequel.  Dr. Swann must admit to an embarrassing mistake.




Ffordian Mystery: Kara's Weird Behavior

5/3/2003.  “Kara’s Weird Behavior.”  1187 Words.   A two part story.  Super-powered little Kara Zor-El is acting strangely sending her mother into a panic.  Can you solve the mystery before the 2nd part (a prequel) reveals why she is behaving the way she is.




The Anniversary Dinner

5/27/2003.  “The Anniversary Dinner.”  1407 Words.   A two part story that tried to imitate the Fforde stories about little Clark.  Clark’s plans for his parents anniversary get spoiled so he goes to extreme measures to surprise them.




The Fate of the Ship

7/5/2003.  “The Fate of the Ship.”  299 Words.  This story reveals that the ship wasn’t really destroyed when Clark inserted the kryptonite key into it.  It simply morphed into another shape to disguise itself.  What shape did it –assume?




The Many Lives Of Kara -- Last Daughter of Krypton


7/23/2004.  “Prolog: The Journey begins with many questions.”  714 Words.  This story sets up a framework for stories exploring possible futures for Supergirl.  Kara uses “the bank,” a sophisticated computer, to see possible futures that would result from specific life decisions.


7/24/2003.  “Ready for Love.”  1451 Words.   Kara falls for Julian Luthor and both of them pay a price for her trust in him.


7/25/2003.  “The Latest Model.”  1145 Words.   Kara is frightened of the projections of her future that she has seen.  She asks the bank to protect her from seeing anything too frightening.  The bank finds a way to watch over and protect her.


7/27/2003.  “Back Story.”   2131 Words.  This story explores how the bank came to exist and ended up on Earth.


7/30/2003.  “Four of a Kind.”   113 Words.   Kara gets a very brief look at Motherhood and decides she’s seen enough.


7/30/2003.  “End Game.”   50 Words.   Epilog of this anthology.





A Place For Him: A Smallville Musical

8/7/2003 through 8/26/2003.  “A Place For Him.”  5776 Words.  This musical follows the story of Superman from Jor-El’s attempts to get the Science Counsel to believe that Krypton was doomed through the time when Clark becomes a teenager.




What My Parents Taught Me


9/10/2003.  “The Egg.”   379 Words.   Clark recalls a lesson that his Dad taught him about his limitations – but he remembered the lesson too late to save the life of Martha’s unborn child.


9/10/2003.  “The Slam.”   419 Words.  This story explores Clark’s vulnerability and the wordless lessons a mother can teach through touch.


9/11/2003.  “Deal with the Devil.”  1691 Words.   Superman compromises to resolve a situation in the present and we learn of a compromise Jor-El made to save his son’s life.  (A gratuitous scene was added for sweeps week.)


9/12/2003.  “Parting Words.”  128 Words.  Jor-El says goodbye to his son as the spaceship with Kal-El leaves Krypton.


9/12/2003.  “Inconceivable Chain of Events.”  681 Words.   How a salesman on Krypton ALMOST kept Kal-El from being born.


9/13/2003.  “Split Personality: An Else World Story.”  1093 Words.  In the days following Clark’s arrival, Jonathan becomes concerned that he isn’t up to the job of raising Clark.  He feels that Clark behaves strangely and he doesn’t know what to do about it.




Krypto: Bonus For A Burial


?/?/2003.  “The Death of Krypto.”  200 Words (?).   This story was on a topic that got lost.  Krypto tries to stop the dog catcher by standing in front of his truck.  Unfortunately, the truck’s bumper was plated with gold – gold kryptonite, that is.


9/15/2003.  “Krypto:  Bonus for a Burial.”   530 Words.   In this story, Krypto gets his revenge.  It seems that cats aren’t the only ones that get 9 lives.




Superman/Deadman: An Else World Story

9/25/2003.  “Superman/Deadman.”   2213 Words.   An Else World story where two of DC Comics characters become one.




The Truth Be Known: An Else World Story

9/29/2003.  “The Truth Be Known.”  1234 Words.  An Else World story with a different take on the Pete Ross/Clark Kent relationship.




We Have Met The Aliens And They Are Us

10/7/2003.  “We Have Met The Aliens And They Are Us.”  677 Words.  Clark Kent is contagious in this Else World story.  You look mauvelous!




His Day in Court

10/9/2003.  “His Day in Court.”   587 Words.  Clark’s guilty conscious about his crime spree in Metropolis under the influence of red kryptonite may get him convicted of a crime he didn’t commit – unless his lawyer finds a way to get him exonerated.  Special guest star from “Smallville” appears.






Short, Short Fan Fiction

Total Word Count For Series:  22,200 Words.


10/11/2003.  “Revealed.”  103 Words.  Some teenagers try to communicate with Clark.


10/11/2003.  “Superfly.”    26 Words.  Basically the same story retold with smilies.


10/11/2003.  “Got Milk.”  131 Words.  Lana’s vanity leads her into an embarrassing situation.


10/11/2003.  “Midnight Visit.”   145 Words.   [Repeat of a lost story.]  Lois and Clark meet but don’t know it.


10/12/2003.  “Lana’s Reaction.”   203 Words.  Lana learn’s Clark’s secret.


10/12/2003.  “First and Last Encounter.”   82 Words.  Superman and Batman meet for the first time … and last time.


10/12/2003.  “The Blind Man Cometh.”   113 Words.   Martha lets the blind man see.


10/14/2003.  “A Friend in Deed.”  78 Words.  Clark capitalizes on his X-ray vision.


10/15/2003.  “Superman’s Wardrobe.”  219 Words.  How Clark ended up with an indestructible wardrobe.


10/15/2003.  “Branded.”  191 Words.  Jon and the spaceship learn to work together.


10/15/2003.  “Paradise Lust.”  166 Words.   Lana makes a trade with Wonder Woman.


10/15/2003.  “Are the Stars Out Tonight?”  126 Words.  Clark accidentally embarrasses his girlfriend Cassie.


10/15/2003.  “Red Letter Day.”  119 Words.  Chloe writes Clark a letter to let him know how she feels about how he treated her while on red kryptonite.


10/16/2003.  “Mom Said I Didn’t Have To.”  259 Words.  “Pseudo-Jor-El” and “Pseudo-Lara” disagree about child rearing techniques.


10/17/2003.  “Game Show Jitters.”  160 Words.  Clark messes up on “Family Feud.”


10/17/2003.  “Supe-pena.”   60 Words.  Clark infringes on a trademark.


10/17/2003.  “The Lana Ocean.”   276 Words.   Little Clarkie digs for China.


10/17/2003.  “Frosty.”  138 Words.  Little Clarkie plays in the snow.


10/17/2003.  “The Lead Tipped Shoes.”   571 Words.  Pete keeps the secret behind his unusual footwear.


10/21/2003.  “The Man of Steel – An Else World Story.”  379 Words.  Kal-El literally becomes a man of steel.


10/24/2003.  “The Aquarium.”   111 Words.   A reverse urban legend.  An octopus gives birth to a superbaby.


10/24/2003.  “Blood–Sucker.”  124 Words.   Copy from the “Halloween Five-For” topic.  Vlad the vampire comes face to face with someone who terrifies him.


10/24/2003.  “Spoiler.”  167 Words.  Lex overdoes for Christmas.


10/24/2003.  “Jack the Ripper in Smallville.”  394 Words.  Copy from the “Halloween Five-For” topic.  We see it from Clark’s point of view as he hones his detective skills while chasing the infamous Jack the Ripper of Smallville.


10/26/2003.  “Smallville: Aftermath.”  21 Words.  Just for pun.


11/1/2003.  “The Girl With The Big “S.””   102 Words.   Original story lost.  An unforeseen consequence of yellow sunlight awaits Supergirl on Earth.


11/1/2003.  “Krypto – The Movie.”  413 Words.  A synopsis for “Krypto – The Movie” from another lost topic.  This is a parody of the proposed script for the early 2000s Superman movie.


11/2/2003.  “Symbiote:  A Dave’s World Story.”  371 Words.  This is based on my personal idea of how Superman’s powers work and explores the idea how Superman CAN have an Earth woman as a life partner.


11/4/2003.  “Hell’s Kitchen.”  47 Words.   Lex and Lionel in Hell.


11/4/2003.  ”Upsy Daisy.”  101 Words.   Jon’s cousin witnesses Clark’s powers first hand.


11/4/2003.  “Bo Didley.”  14 Words.    Jon’s carelessness angers Martha.


11/4/2003.  “Hawg Tied.”   37 Words.  The results of a marathon.


11/4/2003.  “Kent Rider.”  61 Words.   Jon fixes up his favorite car.


11/4/2003.  “TooMulchous.”  70 Words.  Little Clarkie whittles.


11/4/2003.  “The Birthday Lesson.”  86 Words.  Little Clarkie’s first birthday cake.


11/4/2003.  “Rain, Forest, Rain.”  143 Words.  Clark sneezes.


11/4/2003.  “My Dog Ate It.”  68 Words.  Clark uses an old excuse for being late with a homework –assignment.


11/4/2003.  “Not Permitted.”  51 Words.  Lana lays down the Talon rules to Brainiac.


11/4/2003.  “Hell’s Kitchen Revisited.”  154 Words.   Another visit with Lex and Lionel in Hell.


11/4/2003.  “Coming Prepared.”  179 Words.  Lana calls Clark to meet her for some fun at Lex’s mansion.


11/5/2003.  “Onward the Millions.”  338 Words.  Clark is the most potent man in Smallville.


11/6/2003.  “Getting Away With It.”  418 Words.  The truth behind the episode “Smallville: 1961 (Relic).”


11/6/2003.  “Re-Lick,” last scene “Return to Krypton.”  320 Words.    This is to demonstrate that, despite what some people believe, the writers of “Smallville” do not re-cycle old plots.  This scene was cut from the episode “Smallville:1961 (Relic),” but I have re-printed it here to demonstrate how original the writers of “Smallville” are.


11/7/2003.  “Falling Back.”  813 Words.  The story of Clark’s fear and Clark’s friend Seth Williams.


11/7/2003.  “The Egg” (Repeat from the “What My Parents Taught Me” topic) (379 Words) and “The Egg – Else World Version.” (323 Words).   In the new version of the story, Jonathan’s lesson backfires.


11/7/2003.  “The Nut Cracker.”   253 Words.  They aren’t sweet, but Clark doesn’t think they’re as hard as most people think.  Clark has a snack while waiting for Chloe and Lana.


11/9/2003.  “Short Visit Home.”  917 Words.  Clark picks a bad day to vent his teenaged angst and obviously lives to regret it.  A visitor from the future makes amends.


11/10/2003.  “Their First Special Child.”  246 Words.  The story of Jon and Martha’s first adopted child – a girl with an unusual super-talent. Dedicated to a Moderator on the WB Message Boards.


11/11/2003.  “Half Life.”  1136 Words.  Sequel to “Falling Back.”  Clark wonders if he was a good enough friend to Seth Williams.


11/11/2003.  “Listen to Lex Lucifer.”  254 Words.  Lex hallucinates while stranded on a desert island … or was he actually transported to another time to play a key role in history?


11/11/2003.  “Moon Child – An Else World Story.”  142 Words.  What if Kal-El’s ship had landed on the moon instead of Earth?


11/11/2003.  “You Rang?”  105 Words.  What if Kal-El’s ship had landed in Japan instead of the USA?


11/12/2003.  “Repulsive.”  711 Words.  (Parody/mirror image story of the episode “Magnetic.”)  This is the story of Moses Jones who gets a head injury from a snow globe with tiny meteor rock fragments in it.


11/13/2003.  “Little S, Big S, Ton and Ton.”  569 Words.  A story for SHH on the occasion when he lost his tooth.


11/14/2003.  “Grounded on Tuesdays.”  403 Words.  Why Clark is grounded every Tuesday night.


11/14/2003.  “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”   12 Words.  Clark has an accident after eating Mexican food.


11/14/2003.  “The Shortest Day of the Year.”   11 Words.   Sequel to the above story.


11/14/2003.  “Tons Swelling In Small Throat.”   347 Words.  The Tons return and turn out to be “peeping toms.”


11/14/2003.  “Lara’s Wish.”   319 Words.  Jor-El’s wife isn’t careful enough when she is granted a wish.


11/14/2003.  “They Came To See It.”  632 Words.  Clark wakes up to find millions of people in his yard waiting for him.


11/15/2003.  “The Blue Ball of Happiness.”  658 Words.   Lana Lang finds a piece of Kryptonian technology and loses interest in human companionship.  Followed by the song “Lana’s New Life.”


11/28/2003.  “Three Light Meals a Day.”  398 Words.   Lois Lane investigates sky rocketing rental prices in a Metropolis neighborhood.


12/1/2003.  “When Jimmy Met Perry.”  83 Words.  Jimmy Olsen meets Perry White in this sequel to VersesBatman’s story about Clark Kent meeting Jimmy Olsen.


12/2/2003.  “The Gift.”  501 Words.  Clark struggles with learning to fly until he gets a special gift from someone he admires.


12/2 and 3/2003.  “Clark and the Not So Little Dutch Girl.”  1834 Words.  This story was expanded and re-titled “Coming to America.”


12/10/2003.  “City of Ants.”  989 Words.  What did Clark lose?  What did Lionel find?  Read this story if you’re itching to find out.


1/12/2004.  “What Am I Here For?”  524 Words.  President Lex Luthor calls Clark Kent to the White House to settle things once and for all.


3/1/2004.  “21.”  165 Words.  Clark celebrates his 2ist birthday.  Will it be his last?


3/3/2004.  “Secrets and Lies.”  686 Words.   Lana fears for Clark because she doesn’t know his secret.  What she doesn’t know, hurts her badly.


3/23/2004.  “Pole Got Your Tongue?”  208 Words.  Little Pete dares Little Clark.


4/16/2004.  “The Question.”   614 Words.  Superman has a panic attack.


4/16/2004.  “I’ll Do It.”   194 Words.  Tom Welling agrees to take the role of Superman in the movie.


5/25/2004.  “One Hand Doesn’t Win The Day.”  149 Words.  Clark is out matched.




Strange Visitor

[Re-Dedictated to Christopher Reeve]


10/18/2003.  “Strange Visitor.”  3725 Words.  Inspired by ShhMommy1’s story “Mother,”  this Else Where story has Clark Kent (a human born on Earth) rescued from life on a dying Earth by a Kryptonian probe so that he can live his life out as the weakest man on Krypton.




Halloween Fan Fiction Five-For [One Low Price]


10/24/2003.  “Jack the Ripper in Smallville.”  394 Words.   Copy from the Short Fiction topic.  We see it from Clark’s point of view as he hones his detective skills while chasing the infamous Jack the Ripper of Smallville.


10/24/2003.  “Blood–Sucker.”  133 Words.   Copy from the Short Fiction topic.  Vlad the vampire comes face to face with someone who terrifies him.


10/25/2003.  “Blood-Sucker II:  Aftermath.”  418 Words.  Vlad the vampire copes with poverty.


10/27/2003.  “The Horseless Head Woman of Kent Farm.”   2175 Words.  After Clark suffers a leg injury, Chloe spies on him for Lionel.  Chloe takes a licking.  She wanted something memorable and got it straight from the horse’s mouth.


10/28/2003.  “Horse Head Revisited.”  63  Words.   Chloe decides to come back for more.




I Don't Know What To Do With Myself


11/18/2003.  11,214 Words.  “I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.”  This is probably my favorite of the longer stories.  Clark has to take care of a baby that is all too familiar to him.  This story contains product placements, an alternate scene for sweeps week and a public service announcement at the end.  This is rated “F” for fun.


11/26/2003.  “True Origin Story.”  341 Words.  Sequel to the above, this story reveals another super-powered character’s origin.  [This story is followed by the history of the character.]




Coming to America

12/3/2003.  “Coming to America.”  6,237 Words.  This started as a short story but was moved to a topic of its own.  Clark tries running across water and ends up in Holland where he gets entangled in an international relationship.




The Man Who Brought Down Lex Luthor


2/2/2004.  “The Man Who Brought Down Lex Luthor.”  1649 Words.  What his name decides he can do more good for the world and win fame by being the one to get Lex Luthor put behind bars.


2/3/2004.  “At Rest.”  35 Words.   Short, short, short sequel.


2/3/2004.  “The Man Who Fed 10,000 Worms.”  64 Words.  This sequel is a worm’s eye view of the meaning of human life.




Daddy Loved Me – AND -- Better Someday


2/9/2004. “Daddy Loved Me, This I Know.”   3284 Words.  A look at the girl behind the woman – a woman with a position of responsibility in Smallville.


2/11/2004.  “Better Someday.”  429 Words.  In this sequel, Sheriff Nancy Adams becomes a mother.




Fear Factor

2/17/2004.  “Fear Factor.”  3554 Words.  Chloe and Clark investigate a local hermit who is un-naturally afraid of pain.





Fallen Angel:  An Else World Story

[Warning:  "Married to the Mob" Is Extremely Brutal]


4/8/2004.  “Fallen Angel:  An Else World Story [Another Gender Bender].”   1591 Words.  Again we revisit the pilot episode, but who will wear the skirt this time?


 4/9/2004.  “One Less Distraction.”  981 Words.  Lana is manipulated in order to keep Clark from considering her as a possible life mate.


4/10/2004.  “Married to the Mob.”  8609 Words.   Lionel offers his first born child in payment in a business deal.




“An Open Window” An Else World Story


4/12/2004.  “An Open Window.”  2679 Words.  Yet again, we revisit the pilot episode.  Who wears the pants in this one?  And who just pants?


4/17/2004.  “Companion." 398 Words.  A long lost friend arrives from Krypton, but is it who Kal-El expects?


4/23/2004.  “Puppy Love.”  1784 Words.  Kal-El agonizes over an internet romance that he knows must end badly.





Shirtless in Smallville

4/23/2004.  "Shirtless in Smallville" (or "Scared Shirtless" ... nah).  282 Words.  In back to back episodes, Clark has ripped someone’s shirt off.  As his paranoia grows, will there be no limit to his shirt ripping activities?




I Am Not Amused?

4/26/2004.  “I Am Not Amused?”   29,748 Words.  Clark (Superman) Kent listens to a woman’s story to determine if he will be able to help her.




The Man I Used To Be

5/26/2004.  “The Man I Used To Be”  2250 Words.  An Else World story where Jor-El is actually the evil being he seems to be as presented in the “Smallville” TV series through season 3.





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