“The Fate of the Ship”

Jonathan thought that the best way to help him deal with the loss of the baby and Clark’s disappearance was good old-fashioned physical labor. Without Clark around, he had better get at it anyway. He backed the tractor up to the barn to hitch up some equipment and thought he must be seeing double. Instead of finding the equipment he had planned to hitch to the truck, there were now 2 identical pieces of equipment sitting there. Maybe Clark had borrowed some equipment from Pete. Maybe he had planned to haul both wheeled contraptions by hand and get the work done quicker so he would have more time for stargazing. Jonathan leaned up against the equipment as his thoughts wandered to where Clark might be at that moment. He thought he heard a voice whispering "This world will yet be ours!"


Jon quickly turned around and looked all over but there was nothing that could have been the source for the noise. "Got to shake this off!" he mumbled, "Now I'm hearing things."


So Jonathan hitched up the equipment and drove to the pig enclosure. He rubbed a little menthol ointment under his nose and put on wader boots and a set of disposable coveralls. Then he began loading the equipment with pig manure. He thought he heard some mumbling noises from the equipment so he started humming loudly to drown out the sounds. Soon he stripped off his protective clothing and added water to the manure he had loaded in the equipment. He turned on the power takeoff switch on the tractor and headed out to the fields. As he drove, the machine liquefied the manure so he could fertilize the back 40 acres. Little did Jonathan know -- he was using Krypton's most advanced technology to spread manure.