Fallen Angel:  An Else World Story [Another Gender Bender]



Clark heard the brakes squeal and turned to see the silver car skidding towards him.  Instinctively, he held out his hands in front of him.  Time seemed to slow down.  He felt the metal of the car hood bend like soft taffy around and between his fingers.  At his back he felt the bridge railing bend and give way.  He thanked God that he was facing the car and didn’t have to look at the long drop to the river below.  The fall wouldn’t harm him, but seeing the height he was plummeting from would un-nerve him.  Clark looked through the windshield at the driver of the car.  He saw the flowing red hair and briefly thought of his mother.  As he studied the expression on the woman’s face, he saw a look of panic.  He wanted to tell her it would be all right.  Everything would be all right.  As the woman fainted, Clark saw her head being thrown forward towards the steering wheel.  The air bag hadn’t deployed, so Clark put a fist through the windshield, pushed the woman back against her seat and held her steady.  Then the car hit water and the force rolled Clark off the hood and over the roof of the car.  Within seconds, he was back on the car pulling its roof off with his bare hands.  He quickly but gently retrieved the woman from the car but was momentarily startled when her long hair drifted off in another direction.  He thought to retrieve the wig, but opted to save the woman’s life rather than protect her vanity.


Clark carefully put the woman down on the shore of the river.  When he found out that she wasn’t breathing, he began applying what he had learned in the Red Cross classes he had taken.  He had gotten quite a bit of water out of her lungs and began mouth to mouth resuscitation when he felt her hands push up against his shoulders.  He backed away only to get a slap across the face.  He was able to move away quickly enough that the slap didn’t hurt the woman’s hand too badly.  The woman began looking around to see where she was then threw her hands over her mouth in surprise.  She said, “I’m so sorry!  You were giving me mouth to mouth we’re you?  I reacted out of habit – like I normally react when I wake up with someone leaning over me stealing a kiss.”


Clark asked, “Does that happen very often?”


She answered, “Quite often back in my bar hopping days … back before I learned to hold my liquor.  But now that I’m a respectable business woman, I always have to make sure that I’m the one on top of the situation.  What happened?”


Clark answered, “You drove off a bridge.”


She said, “You!  I thought I hit you.”


Clark answered, “Near miss.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.”


She said, “And if you weren’t, I wouldn’t be either!”  The woman sat up and went to touch her hair.  When she realized that her wig was gone, her hands snapped back over her mouth again.


Clark tore off his shirt and offered it to her as a head wrap.  He said, “I could go looking for your wig in the river.  I could probably find it.”


The woman didn’t answer.  She just wrapped her head and sat looking transfixed at Clark.  Finally she said, “Oh, did you say something?  I’m sorry I was a little distracted  -- just noticed how wet I am.”


Clark said, “I asked if you wanted me to go look for your wig in the river.”


She answered, “Don’t be silly.  You risked enough pulling me out.”


Clark said, “If you don’t mind me asking, are you undergoing chemo therapy or something?”


She answered, “No, I had a close encounter of the second kind.  A UFO buzzed me when I was a kid and this was the side effect.”  Clark didn’t say anything, so the woman asked, “What, no laughter?  Most people think I’m kidding or being a smart –ass and laugh.”


Clark answered, “Smallville has more than its share of weird happenings.  I’ve learned that it’s best not to laugh at stories like yours.  What did the UFO look like?”


The woman said, “Well it was bright and it kicked up one hell of a wind.  I was frightened when I saw it coming towards me so I covered my eyes and didn’t get much of a look at it.  I’m glad I did or I probably wouldn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes.  That’s the only body hair I can grow.”  All Clark’s exposed skin turned a rosy red.  The woman laughed at Clark’s embarrassment.  She continued, “Sorry for laughing.  I don’t meet a lot of men that are prone to blushing.  I guess I’m lucky.  I hear that shaving can be a real pain.  Maybe not, I’ve heard that Nair do well, but I’ve also heard that it stinks.  I used to get razzed by a lot of the girls I went to school with, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I would hear them talk about getting a bikini wax.  So, have any of the women you date been bald?”


Clark answered, “No.”


She said, “I’m probably the only bald woman that you’ve ever met.”


Clark answered, “No.”


The woman answered, “Really?  Well, I’m probably the youngest bald woman that you’ve ever met.”


Clark answered, “No.”


The woman said, “You’re kidding!  Do you visit children’s hospitals or something?”


Clark answered, “No.”

The woman said, “Then I give up.  When did you meet a bald woman younger than me?”


Clark answered, “Twelve years ago during the meteor shower.  Mom, Dad and I took Lionel Luthor’s daughter to the hospital … and she was bald.”


The woman said, “Then you haven’t met any bald women younger than me because that was me, Alexandra Luthor – Alexis to my friends.”


Clark said, “Really?  That was you?”


Alexis said, “I know.  I was a skinny little kid and now I’m a modest but well-stacked, incredibly beautiful, single woman in a wet, sheer designer dress at your mercy in the middle of nowhere with no one for miles around.”


Clark, “I thought you were beautiful.  I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”


Alexis said, “Really, despite me being bald?”


Clark answered, “Dad always said that God only makes a few perfect heads.  The rest He covers with hair.”


Alexis said, “Believe it or not, you are NOT the first man to comment on my perfect head.”  Alexis paused then continued, “Hmmm.  No blush.   I wanted to see that again.  I must be a little vague or you’re mighty naïve.  There you go!  I guess it wasn’t totally over your head.   How old are you anyway?  26?  27?”


Clark answered, “I’m 15.”


Alexis said, “Uh-oh.  Hmmm.  It wouldn’t be the worse thing I’ve ever done and the memories might be worth it.  What’s your name, kid?”


Clark answered, “Clark Kent, but my friends call me Clark.”


Alexis said, “Yep, you’re 15.  Look Clark, we got off to a really bad start a few minutes ago.  Would it be OK with you if we started over?”


Clark said, “Sure.”


Alexis said, “OK.  I’ll lie back down and you give me mouth to mouth.  It will take quite a while for me to come … to come to this time but when I do, I won’t slap you – unless you want me to.  There you go again!  That’s the reddest yet!  Rudolph has nothing on you.  Does that blush go all the way down?”  Clark said nothing.  Alexis continued, “I’m sorry for embarrassing you.  I’ve been to all the best finishing schools until they were finished with me.  I don’t normally act like this.  I normally don’t lose control … of my car … or of anything else.  It’s not every day that I fall off a bridge.  It has me rattled.  I’m just worried that we’ll die out here before anyone can find us so I’m covering my fear up by joking around a bit.”


Clark said, “Don’t worry.  We’re not going to die.  It’s not that far to my family’s farm.  Can you walk?”


Alexis said, “Of course I can waa …. Maybe I can’t.  No I’m sure I can’t.  How far could you carry me?”


Clark said, “Pretty far.”


Alexis said, “All the way?”


Clark answered, “If I have to.”


Alexis said, “I want you to know that I really am grateful and I REALLY must find a way to repay you for saving my life.”


Clark said, “That’s OK.  Forget it.”


Alexis said, “If there’s something I never do, it’s “forget.”  And I don’t like being in debt to anyone so I intend to pay up.  I consider my life to be worth a lot, so I intend to pay you back big time.  If I get my way … and I usually get my way … we may soon be inseparable.  When anybody thinks of you, they will have to think of me as well.  I think that our … “friendship” …  will be the stuff of legends.  Hey I’m getting hungry.  How good of a cook is your Mother?  I think it’s time we headed to your place.


Clark gently picked up Alexis and started walking for home.  Had anyone seen them, they would have thought that Alexis was the one with the grip of steel.



The End.








"One Less Distraction" or "A Latte To Think About"
[Continuing the story of Alexandra Luthor.]

Lana nervously finished her presentation to Alexis, "... and these figures clearly show that theTalon could be converted to an upscale coffee house and provide a considerable return on a minimal investment."

Alexis let Lana sweat for a few moments before saying, "This certainly is better than the first approach you made to me -- which was basically begging for what you wanted without appealing to my business instincts. I'm glad Clark convinced me to give you a second opportunity to sell me on saving the Talon. The plan you proposed could work, but it would take a hands on approach and I'm too busy a woman to tackle this right now -- not to mention that this is small potatoes compared to the deals that I am used to brokering on a daily basis. I won't agree to your proposal unless you agree to run the day to day operations for me."

Lana said, "What? I can't ...."

Alexis said, "Your choice. Since Luthor Corp's plan to build an office building outside of town was stopped to preserve the Native American caves, we have bought a good portion of the empty stores and are converting them into business offices for small professional firms and regional offices of larger businesses. This has left us with an urgent need for off street parking and my plans call for the Talon to be torn down to provide that parking."

Lana said, "My proposal is sound and with or without me, it will make you money. I'm still in school. How could I possibly ...."

Alexis said, "Dear, you wouldn't have to do it alone. You'll have a partner."

Lana said, "Oh. OK. Do you have someone in mind?"

Alexis said, "Yes indeed. Did I mention that I find married couples to be more reliable managers? I almost exclusively hired married couples to manage my properties for me."

Lana asked, "So I will run the Talon with a married couple?"

Alexis said, "No dear. Last year, I arranged a certain scholarship to business school for a certain young man in town. It was a hardship case. His father had died and my heart went out to him. He was on the verge of doing something stupid like joining the military or something. He would be able to help you run the Talon while completing his education. Once you both have completed your schooling, you can manage all my downtown properties for me on a full time basis. I won't be living here forever so I need a couple I can rely on."

Lana asked, "Whitney? Are you talking about Whitney Fordman?"

Alexis said, "Of course. I am talking about your boyfriend Whitney. I wouldn't have you marry someone you weren't already planning to marry just for the sake of business. You can live in the apartment above the Talon. I'll even spring for a honeymoon. How does Hawaii sound?"

Lana asked, "Are you telling me that you won't save the Talon unless I marry Whitney?"

Alexis asked, "Isn't that what you wanted? Whitney talked as if there was no doubt that you two would get married someday. You'll both be employed and have a home and a percentage in a Luthor Corp business venture. So you have no reason to wait. And, girl to girl, he is a hottie. Why would you want to wait?"

Lana said, "But ... I don't understand why you prefer married couples when you yourself are a single business woman. If you can make it in business without a spouse, why do you think others can't?"

Alexis said, "It doesn't have to make sense to you. It's my money and my investment decision. I know me and I know what I am going to do. I trust myself. I depend on myself. Single people make business commitments to me but don't feel bound by those commitments. They are fickle. They make their decisions without thinking and then change their minds and walk out. Sure, I can sue them, but that's a hassle and a waste of my precious time. My experience has taught me that people who make commitments like marriage are more likely to honor contracts. I learn from my experiences and base my later decisions on what I've learned. So, you made your pitch and I told you my conditions. Make your decision and get back to me. But don't wait too long. The demolition crew I hired is pretty heavily booked these days and i need to sign a contract soon to get the work done before winter. Another thing for you to consider is that you may need a place to live soon so moving in here would solve that problem."

Lana asked, "What do you mean. I'm living with Chloe and Gabe Sullivan."

Alexis answered, "Smallville may be growing but it still has small town attitudes and predjudices. I think people will gossip if you continue to live with Gabe Sullivan once Chloe moves out."

Lana said, "Chloe isn't going anywhere."

Alexis said, "I have it on good authority that Chloe is about to be offered an internship at the Washington Post. I don't think she'll be able to pass that up."

Lana said, "Oh. That's ... that's wonderful. She'll be thrilled. I'm so ... happy for her."

Alexis said, "Well, I have to run. I'll have my accountants review your proposal. If you make a proposal of your own ... to Whitney, give me a call and we'll do business."

Lana said, "OK. I'll think about it."

Alexis could barely get out the door before her business woman facade broke and she flashed a smile. She tried to stop smiling but she couldn't. She said to herself, "One less distraction, Clark. Now you have one less distraction."

One month later, Clark served as Whitney's best man and Chloe was Lana's maid of honor.

The End
















“Married to Mob” [Continuing the story of Alexis Luthor]

Part I: Family Acquisition

Alexandra entered her Dad’s office wearing a big smile, she embraced Lionel and planted a big kiss on his cheek and said, “Good morning Daddy, I came as soon as I could. What’s up?”

Lionel answered, “Lexxy, I’ve got some exciting news for you. Starting tomorrow, Julian is taking over your responsibilities at the fertilizer plant and you are returning to Metropolis society in style!”

Alexis said, “But Dad, I’ve got the fertilizer plant on its feet and turning a huge profit, I’ve mined almost every meteor fragment out of Smallville for you and the new business district is booming. This isn’t the time for Julian to go in and play around with what I’ve created. Haven’t I proved how important I can be to you?”

Lionel said, “Honey, I thought you would be thrilled for any opportunity to come back. And this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Only you can handle this one – and you could practically do it without getting out of bed.”

Alexis said, “Go on, you’ve got my undivided attention.”

Lionel continued, “A way for you to own one fourth of Metropolis just fell into your lap! I expected that Julian would be able to pull something like this off with a lot of hard work and smart moves, but you’ve managed it just by the way you carry yourself. You’ve made an important acquisition without even knowing it. I’ve often heard that using the correct bait is important, but I never realized how important.”

Alexis said, “This is better than Christmas. Tell me. Tell me!”

Lionel said, “As you know, your Uncle Morgan used to be more than a close personal friend. He was my silent business partner. We parted on good terms because I was ambitious and he settled for a small territory that he could rule with an iron fist. Then a few years ago, he changed his attitude. He decided to build a larger empire. I thought he had finally come around to my way of thinking. He told me that he was going to show me what he could accomplish if he wanted something badly enough. Today, his area of control exceeds my own. Frankly, I was puzzled by why he was so driven to achieve and am more than a little jealous of the power he now holds. But he was careful to keep me informed of what he was doing, never crossed any lines with me and never put a finger on anything that was mine.”

Alexis said, “I wish he kept his fingers off of what’s mine.”

Lionel said, “Your getting ahead of the story. Last week, he came for a visit and proposed a new partnership. The offer was far too good for me to pass up. I have to do practically nothing and in 4 to 6 years, everything he owns now will be under my direct control!”

Alexis asked, “Where do I fit in? Do you want me to act as go-between with him. I’d rather not. The man gives me the creeps. Since I was a little girl he always wanted to get me on his lap. I used to have nightmares about him. He always gives me this icy leering stare that gives me the shivers and makes me feel like I’m naked and vulnerable. If he manages to sneak up on me, he’s got these relentless roving hands. I avoid ever being alone with him – or alone with him and those goons that hang with him. I make sure that there are other people around. I don’t scare easily but he scares me. If I had to go to his office, I would be surrounded by people who follow his orders without question. I don’t know what he’d do if he had me at his mercy when he has no qualms about groping me in my home – even in front of Mom when she was still with us.

Lionel said, “Following orders without question. I kind of like that too. You don’t see that side of me too often because I have a real soft spot in my heart for you. I don’t know if you intentionally try to rain on my parade, but you always manage to do it somehow. Morgan probably thinks you want him to touch you because the way you dress when I have company over. The money I spent on those schools I sent you to was totally wasted. I have made a considerable investment in you. I tried to groom you to be an –asset to yourself, your family and this company. Now when we have an opportunity to make it all pay off, you want to throw a wrench into the works. Sometimes I think the Chinese are right to drown their first born children if they are female.”

Alexis said, “Daddy! You’re the only one I don’t shield myself from. I trust you with my feelings. I’m sorry if I said something wrong and I really don’t want to start crying here. I know you don’t like it and neither do I. Tell me you don’t mean it. I love you Dad, more than anything. Dad. Daddy.” Alexis hung her head and wiped the tears that were starting to come.

Lionel said, “Don’t you try manipulating me, little girl. You’re not too old for a spanking!”

Alexis said, “We’re not talking about a new car here or a trip to Europe or a toy. This is business and I don’t play games with you when it comes to business – EVER! That’s a sacred thing with me. I’m sorry my tears bother you, but I wasn’t prepared for you to tell me that you should have drowned me at birth. I put up with Julian getting all the perks and me getting all the work. I don’t mind working harder. I’m my Father’s daughter. I live for the work. I live for the deal. And I love Julian too. If I hadn’t taken him and hidden when Mom tried to … tried to …. Dad could I come back in 10 minutes … Please.” Alexis began to cry softly.

Lionel said, “Stay here. We may as well finish this. I’m sorry. Have I ever harmed a single hair on your head?”

Alexis said, “DADDY!”

Lionel said, “Oops. Sorry. That was just a cliché. What I meant to say is that I have never hurt you. I certainly wouldn’t drown you. The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. And you are too old to spank but you’re not to old to hug so come over and sit on my lap a minute, but lock the office door first. This isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.”

Lionel rocked Alexis in his chair for a minute or two and said, “All better yet?” He felt her head nod “yes” so he continued, “Good, get off then, I’m losing feeling in my legs.”

Lionel said, “Are you ready to be my good soldier and follow orders?”

Alexis said, “I love you Dad. What do you want me to do? Name it.”

Lionel said, “If there was any way else to get this job done, I would take that route. But this is the most important business deal in my career and I can’t let a little sentiment stand in my way. Plus there is a chance that Morgan would start a war with me if he doesn’t get what he wants. In this case, I agree with the expression “make love not war.” You don’t want to see me get killed just to avoid getting close to Morgan. He has been working like a fool for years to position him self for this. You should find that quite flattering. Actually, what I’m asking of you is more proper that the bed jumping you did in college.”

Alexis said, “I think I know what you want me to do. I just hope I’m wrong.”

Lionel said, “Morgan and I both had a thing for your Mother, but your Mother chose me. That’s when we broke up the partnership. He couldn’t stay that close to me and remain friends and he didn’t want me as an enemy. Morgan watched you grow up. You have your Mom’s best features but a style all your own. Your Mother was more refined. You have more animal appeal. It’s hard for me to evaluate you this way, but this is business. During one of Morgan’s visits to our house, he saw you by the pool and decided that he had to have you. So he worked his butt off to become my equal so he could approach me with confidence and make his proposal.”

Alexis said, “You want me to sleep with him. Is that it? I thought so. What are you, my Father or my pimp? The man is older than you are. That’s disgusting!”

Lionel said, “You’ve been with an older man than him.”

Alexis said, “That was different. A lot of women would want to do it in the Oval Office! Why did it make you mad then but not bother you now?”

Lionel said, “He was a democrat, that’s why! And a musician! Sax and politics don’t mix. Look, I’m sure Morgan can build you a replica of the Oval Office if you prefer doing it in the round. Lexxy, Honey. Just use your imagination when you’re with him. Just imagine that you’re with your teen-aged farm boy.”

Alexis said, “Are you spying on me?”

Lionel said, “Of course. What loving Father wouldn’t?”

Alexis said, “Then you know that I’ve never done it with Clark. And I’ve been celibate for three years. I gave up the lifestyle you are so fond of rubbing my nose in.”

Lionel said, “If you haven’t slept with that boy, it’s not from lack of trying. That boy must be gay. Well it’s not healthy for you to be celibate and it’s going to end soon.”

Alexis said, “So when am I going on this “date” with Morgan. Do I meet him under a street lamp or get a Girl Scout uniform and a wig with braided hair?”

Lionel said, “Oh, you don’t have to date him. I told you this was going to be done properly. I am not the “pimp” you make me out to be. This will all be totally legitimate. Tonight, we go to the Luthor Corp quarterly blow-out and we announce your engagement. In 3 weeks we’ll hold a wedding at the mansion in Smallville and you will be Mrs. Alexandra Edge.”

Alexis said, “Wedding! Daddy, you can’t give me to that man. OK. I agree. I’ll sleep with him once and make sure he won’t want more … or I’ll be his mistress for a while, but I can’t marry the guy.”

Lionel said, “You can and you will. But don’t worry honey. The strain of being married to such a young and vital woman should kill him in a year or two … four at the outside. I’ll see to it. At that point, one fourth of Metropolis will be yours. All you have to do is be a pretty ornament on his arm at social functions and share his bed. I’m sure Julian would jump at a chance to land the same arrangement.”

Alexis said, “Then let Julian marry Morgan!”

Lionel said, “You have 2 hours to get used to the idea. Then you have an appointment to get measured for a wedding dress and pick out a designer dress for tonight’s party – where you will smile when I announce your engagement to Morgan Edge.”


Part II: Save Me

Alexis sat on the corner of her desk in the study of her mansion and motioned for Clark to sit down. Clark was prepared to avert his eyes if she pulled one of her traditional tricks of spinning her legs towards his face to give him a quick peek. But somehow he sensed a difference in her today. It was hard to be Alexis’s friend when she was constantly throwing herself at him, but he stayed close because he sensed that she really needed someone. He had to admit that he needed someone too. With Chloe gone, Lana married and Pete making a life of his own, Clark needed someone and Alexis definitely kept him on his toes. Alexis once told him that the best way to keep a man on his toes was to wear a low cut top, and, at least with him, she practiced what she preached. But Alexis had been around the world and studied philosophy and the arts. Occasionally the sexual tension would slip and Alexis would inadvertently let Clark get a hint of her education, intuitive intelligence and vulnerabilities. Alexis poorly judged the man she was after because it was those times that really made Clark interested in her and kept him coming back for more. But the real Alexis was hidden well, perhaps even from herself. Clark felt that there was a hidden treasure in her heart and mind (not in her chest). He wished desperately that she would let him know her so they could be the kind of friends he hoped they could be.

Alexis’s voice cracked as she started to speak. A tear rolled down her cheek and she leaned over and wrapped her arms around Clark’s neck for a moment and breathed deeply for a while. Then she sat back on her desk and sniffed a bit and started again. She said softly, “Thanks for coming over Clark. I really appreciate it. I’m not sure I can get through this so please be patient with me. You have been such a good friend to me and I really need a friend right now.”

Clark asked, “Are you OK? Your eyes look as if you have been crying. Some women cry at the drop of a hat, but you are always a rock.”

Alexis said, “Yep, I’m a rock all right – cold and hard and unable to be changed by a gentle touch.”

Clark said, “I didn’t mean that at all. I have seen you face situations where I thought I would lose it with such confidence that you inspired me. It must be something really awful for you to get this upset. Is it your family? Is someone sick?”

Alexis said, “Did you read anything about me in the paper yesterday?”

Clark answered, “About your engagement? Yes. Congratulations! He is one lucky man.”

Alexis said, “Are you really happy that I’m getting married?”

Clark said, “I was a bit surprised. You hadn’t mentioned that you were seeing anyone. When we talk on the phone, you always share such personal things with me. I would have thought that you would have saved those discussions with the person you were closest too – the person you are planning to marry, not a neighbor boy. It was unexpected. And I was surprised that he was so old. He’s handsome like Rudger Hauer, but I somehow never pictured you as being attracted to older men.”

Alexis said, “Do you think of me more as the “rob the cradle” type? Actually, I am somewhat age biased because I want to marry for life and I don’t really like the idea of pushing my husband around in a wheel chair. But my attraction to the man has more to do with the qualities he has rather than his age.”

Clark said, “Well, if you are happy about getting married, I’m happy for you.”

Alexis said, “Do I LOOK happy to you?”

Clark asked, “Then why get married? If you’re not happy about it before you get married, I doubt you will feel better about it once you are married.”

Alexis said, “Dad arranged it. To him, it’s nothing more than a business merger. He gave me no wiggle room this time.”

Clark asked, “So you believe in marrying for business reasons?”

Alexis answered, “I do not! I’m no Lana Lang.”

Clark said, “Hey, Lana’s a friend. I’m sure she married Whitney for love.”

Alexis said, “But the way she still looks at …. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m just upset.”

Clark said, “But your husband will know this is just for business, so the marriage will be in name only -- strictly platonic?”

Alexis said, “I wish. My Father’s only interest is business, Morgan Edge’s only interest is getting me into his bed.”

Clark asked, “Are you capable of going through with it?”

Alexis said, “Two years ago, I might have handled it but I would have had to bathe in Purelle every time he touched me. But you pulled someone different out of the river. I don’t want to take business into my bedroom.”

Clark said, “You’re always the woman with a plan. Do you have any ideas on how to get out of this?”

Alexis said, “The man is really fixated on me – something you wouldn’t understand. It would take something drastic to get out of his grip. My reputation is already soiled. Paris Hilton has nothing on me. But Morgan doesn’t seem to mind – it may even turn him on. So embarrassing myself publicly won’t do the trick. Only a few people know that I am bald, so I’ve considered publicly showing myself as I am, but he may like my naked head.”

Clark said, “He should. You are beautiful with or without the wigs. Think about it. I know how hard it is to defy your parents, but what could he really do to you if you refused? Take your money away? There are worse things than being broke.”

Alexis said, “I have money stashed everywhere, so he has no control of me that way. But Dad could lock me away or give me to Morgan without a marriage ceremony. I could very easily end up their prisoner. They might even kill me if I didn’t do what they want. These are powerful men Clark. They can sweep a murder under the rug as easily as some people get a parking violation fixed.”

Clark asked, “What could I do to help?”

Alexis said, “I’ve been guilty of playing games and manipulating people to get what I want. But I swear that I am done playing any games with you. I’m going to be totally honest and straight forward with you from now on. Clark, you seem to always be there when anybody needs help. After the tornados went through, I heard enough accounts of how you helped out to figure out that there would have to be at least 12 of you to do what people claimed you did. But some how, I believe them. You can do extraordinary things. I have seen you face impossible challenges time and again and every time you overcome the problem somehow. You are a walking miracle. I’m not going to ask you to tell me how you do it. Maybe you’re a Smallville mutant or heaven dropped you here or you crawled out of the UFO I saw when I was a kid. Maybe I will earn your trust someday and you’ll tell me. But right now, I don’t care. All I need to know is that you will be with me to protect me when they come for me.”

Clark said, “I can’t be everywhere at once. I will help if I can, but if you intentionally bring a world of trouble down on yourself, I can’t promise that I’ll always be there.”

Alexis said, “But that’s what I want. I want you to always be there for me.”

Clark said, “I can’t. There’s school. There’s the farm to take care of. Mom will have the baby soon and I need to be around to help out.”

Alexis said, “I can hire the best tutors to teach you anything you want to learn. I can send two dozen farm hands to do your work for you on the farm. I can hire nannies to take care of your sister or brother. If you want, we can take your family with us.”

Clark asked, “You’re leaving?”

Alexis said, “We couldn’t stay here. We’d be too easy to find.”

Clark said, “I need to sleep sometime ….

Alexis interrupted, “Yes, but you’ll sleep with an arm around me.”

Clark said, “What?”

Alexis said, “Run away with me Clark! Like I said, no more games. Do you think it’s an accident when I bump into you all the time? Do you think those “wardrobe mistakes” that happen when you are around me are accidental. I hire only the best clothiers. My clothes don’t fall apart unless I want them to. I’ve done everything I could do to make you make a move on me – everything but bluntly tell you that I want you and that I’m available to you -- ALWAYS. And by available I mean available to do whatever you want to do. I don’t want to have to beg you. I do have a thimble full of pride left. Don’t you find me the least bit attractive?”

Clark said, “Of course I do, I’m not blind. In fact I have exceptional vision.”

Alexis asked, “Then what’s wrong? What’s wrong with me? Why aren’t we having this conversation in bed?”

Clark said, “It’s not “YOU.” It’s “US.” I don’t even know if I can be with a woman – any woman.”

Alexis said, “We could find that out in 2 minutes.”

Clark said, “Please let me finish. I’m so strong that I could hurt you in a moment of passion. But even if that wasn’t an issue, we don’t work as a couple. I want to help people and you want to help yourself. I want to make the world a better place and you want to own or control it. Philosophically we don’t fit.”

Alexis said, “If you felt how we fit physically you might not care about philosophy.”

Clark said, “That may very well be true. That’s why I can’t risk it. I need to stay on the path that I’m on. I can’t afford to be seduced into another way of thinking. I need to be a role model for my baby brother or sister and for anyone else that I might meet. On top of that, my birth father has come back into the picture and is making demands of me as well – demands I don’t want to comply with but may not have the power to refuse.”

Alexis said, “So we’re in the same boat -- all the more reason to disappear together. Look. I only care about control and power because I was afraid and alone. I realize now that I somehow knew that my Father wouldn’t really be there for me when I needed him – just like he wasn’t there for my Mother. Anyone who is vulnerable and un-protected seeks some kind of shelter if they want to survive – and I WANT to survive. If I had you there to protect me, I could focus outward. I could become the woman you want me to be. I’ll be whoever I have to be to be with you. Please Clark. Please save me. You’re the only one that can.”

Clark said, “If that is true, I am sorry. I believe you have the strength to pull yourself out of your situation. But if you can’t, I’m not the one to help you. I’m sorry. Really I am.”

Alexis said, “No. NO!” She began to cry.

Clark stood and embraced her to comfort her. She began to kiss his neck and pulled open her dress. She slid a hand down Clark’s pants. Clark jumped back and said, “No! Alexis. I’m sorry. I can’t!” He quickly left the room and then left the mansion. Alexis threw herself across her desk and cried.



Part III: Who Gives This Woman and Who Takes Her?

Alexis was stunningly beautiful in her wedding dress and Morgan Edge was smiling and animated. Alexis’s smile was forced. Normally, she could smile on cue and convince anyone that it was genuine, but today she couldn’t fool anyone. She looked at the crowd seated outside and saw Jonathan and Martha Kent in the crowd but Clark hadn’t come. She wondered if Clark couldn’t stand to see her given to another man. She wanted to see him there but didn’t know if she could handle it. Then she saw Lana and Whitney Fordman come in and sit next to the Kents. The irony of how she had pushed and coerced Lana and Whitney to marry came back to her full force. Was she being paid back for what she had done? If she could go back and change things, would she. She decided that he probably would still behave just as badly. She also thought about how she had touched Clark when he hadn’t invited her to do so and wondered if her married life with a man who she didn’t want to touch her was the universe’s way of paying her back as well. After a discussion between Lana and Martha, the Kents got up and quickly left. Maybe it was time for Martha to have the baby. Martha had been so kind to her. The woman she had wanted to be her Mother-in-law was leaving and the child that could have been the sister she never had was going with her. A tear rolled down her cheek because now she felt totally alone. Lionel had sent Julian to Europe on some excuse. If Julian knew that she was doing this against her will, he would come back and save her just like she had saved him from their demented Mother years before. Or would he? No he wouldn’t. If Lionel ordered him to, he would probably hold her down while Morgan took his pleasure. The thoughts turned and swirled in her head. She was sure that she was going crazy just like her mother had. She almost wished she would go crazy. The freedom of being in a cell in a mad house might be better that the gilded cage she was being sent to.

The music began and Lionel came to fetch her. He said to her, “I’m so proud of you. My little girl is a woman today.” How she had longed for him to say those words to her all her life, now they cut through her like a knife.

She whined, “Daddy. Please hold me tight or I’ll fall.”

She thought to throw herself at his feet and beg but she knew it was too late for her. All hope was lost. A part of her drifted away and watched from the sidelines as her body went through the motions of walking downstairs and out onto the grounds. She walked through the decorations and past the crowds as if she were in a trance. She was vaguely aware of being given away and felt a shiver through her entire body when Morgan grabbed he arm to steady her. He leaned over to her and said, “God you look great in that dress, but I can’t wait to get you naked. You look good enough to eat – and I plan to.”

Alexis was glad she hadn’t eaten in a couple days or she would have vomited. She wished she were dead and cursed herself for not ending her life when she had the chance. Odds were, she would never spend a minute alone while Morgan was alive. She would be his property. It would be a death sentence for anyone to lay a finger on her after today – anyone but Morgan. Time passed and she heard the words, “Do you Alexandra Luthor take this man Morgan Edge as your husband – to love and to cherish, to have and to hold ….” That’s when an explosion echoed over an over. All around, Morgan’s men pulled guns from their tuxedos. The crowd yelled out in fear. Lionel jumped up and said, “I must apologize … and later I must fire the man in charge of the fireworks! They weren’t supposed to go off until later. Reverend Wonch, all of us here know that these two want to be married and certainly none of us object, so go ahead and pronounce them married. The Champaign is chilled and everyone here is ready for the party.”

The minister knew very well who he was dealing with and immediately pronounced Morgan and Alexia husband and wife. Morgan greedily kissed Alexis and she began to faint. He scooped her up and carried her towards the mansion. Lionel caught up and said, “Morgan, Morgan! You’ve waited this long, a few more hours won’t matter. My daughter will be more energetic tonight if you let her have something to eat and some time to relax with the guests.” Morgan begrudgingly lowered Alexis to her feet. Lionel took his daughter’s arm and led her to the bride and groom’s table. Alexis whispered to her father, “Daddy, can you kill him for me now.”

Lionel answered, “No dear. It’s now going to kill you to sleep with the man. He’s giving you one fourth the city for just the pleasure of your company.”

Alexis whispered, “Then could you kill me?”

Lionel said, “I could never do that darling. You are my pride and joy and you’ve just made me a very happy man. I’m sure tonight can’t possibly be as bad as you think it will be. In time, you’ll get used to it. You might even learn to enjoy it. Morgan used to have a reputation with the ladies and I guess he has stocked up on some Viagra for the honeymoon. But I will warn you. Don’t be insulting to him in the bedroom. There are some women that were rumored to have been a little too verbal with Morgan. They disappeared.”

Alexis made sure that the waiter never passed her table without refilling her Champaign glass. She wanted to be totally numb or passed out before the wedding night. Morgan’s men kept clanging their glasses to give there boss an excuse to kiss her. Her only moment of pleasure came when she shoved a piece of wedding cake into Morgan’s face. A toothpick in the cake narrowly missed Morgan’s eye and cut his cheek causing blood to flow down his cheek.

When it was starting to get dark, Lionel said it was time for her to get out of her wedding gown and get ready for the limousine ride to Morgan’s yacht. As she walked towards the house, she saw a motorcycle racing up the driveway. When she recognized the leather-clad driver as Clark, her first genuine smile of the day lashed across her face. She hiked her skirt and ran as fast as she could. She threw her bouquet over her shoulder and Morgan Edge caught it.

As she approached Clark, he asked, “Do you want to ….”

Alexis shouted, “YES!” and jumped on the back of the motorcycle. Clark spun the cycle in an arc and headed down the driveway as men with drawn weapons tried uselessly to catch them. The cycle disappeared in the distance on the road to Metropolis.



Part IV: Red Hot Nights

Alexis had never known such pleasure. Clark had stamina like no other lover she had ever known. She tried her best not to think about how different Clark was. He wasn’t the gentle and considerate man that she had grown to admire. He also would often go to the bathroom and scream in pain. The way he would grab at his chest before he ran off let her know what was hurting. He had told her that he had had a run-in with his step-father before coming to get her. She thought the man must be a sadist because Clark now had a horrible scar across his chest. Alexis also caught Clark at times crying into the telephone – not saying a word just softly crying. She asked him what was going on with him and he angrily told her that he didn’t want to talk about it. If he didn’t want to talk, she wasn’t going to insist. For the first time in her life, Alexis was totally submissive to another person. She was scared to do anything or say anything that would make Clark leave. Every time he so much as left the room she was in, she felt so empty that she thought she would die.

One day, she finally told him, “I love you Clark – more than I love anyone or anything – more than I love myself. I would die if you ever went away.”

Clark sneered at her and said, “What we are doing here isn’t love. It’s just something that feels good and passes the time. Anything that feels good can become addicting. You may be hooked on me, but you don’t love me.”

Alexis said, “You aren’t inside my head. You don’t know what I’m feeling. It may just be sex to you, but there is more to it than that for me. It does feel great but now that we are this close, I can just think about you and get the same feelings. You don’t even need to touch me to make me feel high.”

Clark said, “Well, I don’t HAVE to touch you. Do you want me to stop? There are plenty of women out there ….”

Alexis said, “NO! I DON’T want you to stop! And as for other women, I can be anyone you want me to be.”

Clark said, “Then put on a wig with long black hair and wear something pink.”

Alexis said, “Do you want me to serve you a cup of coffee too?”

Clark said, “It wouldn’t hurt. There, you’ve almost got the eye roll thing perfect.”

Alexis said, “Then I suppose you want me to dress up in a short blond wig and ask you to take me to the prom – or get down on all fours and pretend I’m a wolf.”

Clark said, “OK.”

Alexis couldn’t keep the tears from here eyes. She said, “OK. I’ll do whatever you want. Just stay here with me. I’ll die if you leave.”

Clark said, “Stop saying that! You will not. I’ll prove it to you.”

Clark headed for the door. Alexis wailed, “NO! Don’t go! I’ll do anything. ANYTHING! Everything I own – it’s yours. I’m even ready to have your baby if you want me to.”

Clark turned on his heel and came back. He took one hand and lifted Alexis by the throat. With a look of total rage on his face, he shouted, “Don’t EVER mention a BABY to me again!”

Alexis said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I hadn’t thought. If you want, we can sneak back to Smallville and visit your parents and sister or brother. The aby must have been born by now.”

Clark screamed and threw Alexis the length of the apartment. He shouted, “Didn’t I just tell you to never mention BABIES to me again. You just had to do it didn’t you. Look at what you made me do. I’ll be back later … maybe. If you were right and die in the meantime, I’ll make sure that your father finds your body.”

Six hours later, Clark returned. Alexis was still on the floor where he had left her. She was still softly crying. He lifted her gently and she began kissing him. He carried her into the bedroom. She said, “Get me my black wig and I’ll whine for you.”

Clark grabbed the red wig that Alexis was wearing and removed it. He said, “Bald is beautiful and you are about to be bald like you never were before.”

Alexis said, “Promises, promises. That’s what the UFO said before it did this.”

Alexis awoke several hours later. She heard a knock at the door but she was too tired and sore to move. She heard Clark open the door and say, “What do you want?” She heard Jonathan’s voice answer, “You are coming home with me – NOW!” She heard a fight break out in the other room but she passed out from exhaustion. When she woke up, she found a note on her pillow. It read:

Dearest Alexis,

I can never apologize enough for what I did here with you these past few months. I never told you why I ran away. I was supposed to ride with Lana and Whitney to your wedding, but I sent them ahead and said that there was something I had to do. Without going into detail, I caused an explosion that caused my parents’ truck to flip. Mom lost her child. My father and I exchanged words and I couldn’t face up to the guilt and grief. I decided to run from my problems. That was the wrong thing for me to do. To ease my feelings of guilt, I began to have a substance abuse problem. You may have noticed my shift in behavior. If you truly love the man you spent the last few months with, know this – that wasn’t me and that man is never coming back. I don’t think that I will ever be able to look you in the eye after what I did to you. I do love you – as a friend, but I don’t think that we should ever see each other again. I don’t like who I am when I’m with you. I’m sure that someday you will find some lucky man that you can share your life with. I am sorry, but I could never be that man.

Take care of yourself,
Your friend always,


Alexis stumbled to the front of the apartment. It was demolished. She went back to the bedroom for a while. She cried and she cursed. In one breath, she swore undying vengeance on Clark and in the next breath swore undying love for him. Eventually she showered and picked out a business dress from the closet. She phoned for a taxi. When it arrived, she went downstairs, got in and told the driver, “Luthor Corp Plaza.”



Part V: Consummated

Alexis waited in Lionel’s outer office with a forced smile on her face. Lionel’s –assistant came out and said, “He can see you now, go on in.”

Alexis hopped up and walked through the door towards her father who was standing there waiting for her. When she heard the door close behind her, the façade vanished and Alexis’s face contorted in grief. She stretched out her arms and cried, “Daddy!” She stepped forward and Lionel slapped her hard across the face. She collapsed in a heap on the floor. Lionel walked to the other side of his desk, sat down and began to shuffle papers. He calmly stated, “Alexis, I gave you a simple but important job to do for me and you let me down. Worse than that, you embarrassed me – again. I’m lucky Morgan didn’t have me killed. I understand that he sent people to kill your boyfriend and they all failed. I certainly hope your little affair was worth it for you. You certainly were brave coming back here. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Alexis cried, “Daddy, I’m sorry, but I love Clark and he walked out on me. I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry I couldn’t do what you wanted me to do. But I will do anything – ANYTHING to make it up to you!”

Lionel said, “That’s right, you will. It would have been far easier for you to obey me the first time around, because you have to make it up to Morgan Edge for what you did to him. He holds grudges and I’m sure he’ll ride you hard – and I am speaking literally here. What you did to Morgan was UNFORGIVABLE! I’m surprised he still wants you as a trophy wife and doesn’t have you killed and stuffed. You’d better be VERY good to him. Don’t deny him ANYTHING! UNDERSTAND?”

Alexis said, “I’m sorry, I can’t be with another man. I love Clark. But I’ll do anything else you ask of me.”

Lionel said, “Everybody has to do things they don’t want to do to make their way in this world. You, my dear, are no exception. Come on. Get up off the floor. Let’s discuss this rationally over some brandy. It will settle your nerves.” Alexis got up and wiped the tears from her eyes. She took the glass from her father’s hand. He said, “Now sip it slowly. I never knew you liked your farm boy this much. I would have handled things much differently if I had known he was more than a play thing for you.”

Alexis said, “I should have told you, but I didn’t know how deep my feelings ran. I have to find a way to get him back, but I can’t think straight. I’m so sleepy.”

Lionel said, “That’s fine. Just relax. Daddy will handle everything.”

The next thing Alexis knew, she was waking up in the back seat of a limousine between two ex WWF wrestlers who now worked for Morgan Edge. She couldn’t move. Before long, she was being carried into Morgan Edge’s mansion and up the stairs. At the top of the stair was a larger than life size oil painting of her in the dress she wore the night that her engagement to Morgan Edge had been announced. The men carried her into a bedroom and handcuffed her to a bed. Soon some women came in and removed her clothing and redressed her in sheer bedroom attire.

Alexis asked them, “How could you do this? You’re women too. Don’t you know what he’s going to do to me?”

One woman answered, “He’s your husband, not ours. But when you ran on him, he took it out on both of us. That man has an insatiable sexual appetite. We had to pay for what you did, so don’t look to us for any sympathy.”

Morgan came into the room when the women were finished. Alexis stared at him and said, “I’m sorry for embarrassing you. Really I am. It’s just that I am in love with someone else. You can understand that can’t you, Uncle Morgan? My father should have told you that I love you as my uncle and had a boyfriend already, but he insisted on me marrying you because of the benefits of being in business with you again.”

Morgan said, “I’m not your uncle and never have been. I was denied having your mother, but you turned out even sexier than she was. I’ve waited a long time for this. I waited for you to grow up. I stood by while other men had you. I wanted to be your first and it almost happened a few times, but that damned nanny of yours watched over you like a hawk. But now it’s my turn and nobody can deny me my right to have you. I have been patient. I could have been understanding with you on or wedding night. I could have been considerate and gentle. I would have taken direction from you on what you liked and didn’t like in the bedroom – at least I would have taken your tastes into consideration and weighed them against the things I want to do to you. But you hurt me and publicly embarrassed me, so now I don’t care if you get hurt a little too. What we do will be videotaped for my enjoyment, so I might choose to embarrass you a bit too. Perhaps I will invite your boyfriend over and treat him to a picture show – his last picture show. So now it’s time for me to get what I want. Cooperate and you might find it enjoyable. Don’t cooperate and I’ll enjoy it even more. But believe me, I will tame you and get you to obey my every order. I have turned all my other interests over to my –associates so I can fully concentrate on you for the foreseeable future.”

Alexis said, “Lay one hand on me and my father ….”

Morgan laughed, “Your father knows exactly what I am entitled to here. He has given you to me to do with as I see fit. He should have gotten you used to the idea years ago. He has been feeding me candid pictures of you for years to make sure my interest in you didn’t falter. Your father gave me a video of you last year for Christmas -- I love it when you sing and dance in the shower.”

Alexis said, “Could I have something to drink -- to help get me in the mood?”

Morgan said, “No. No alcohol, no drugs, no anesthesia. I want you to be totally aware of everything I do to you. Enough talk. Let the games begin.”

In the days that followed, the staff learned to ignore and even tune out Alexis’s screams. But one day, the screams followed by a series of gunshots were distinctively masculine. The servants found Alexis standing over Morgan’s body. She continued to pull the trigger of the empty gun without taking her eyes off Morgan or noticing the other people who has rushed into the room. Her left hand was mangled from having been pulled through her restraint.

Lionel was called and Alexis was taken to the Belle Reeve Mental Asylum for observation. The DA agreed that Alexis Edge was not guilty of Morgan’s homicide due to her mental state. Once the videotapes were discovered showing Morgan’s torture and abuse of Alexis, the homicide was ruled justifiable as well. The DA was horrified that Morgan had not only beaten her, but had also humiliated her by shaving off all of her hair. When Alexis was again able to speak a little bit, she explained that her husband didn’t shave her, the UFO did. There was no question that Alexis was insane. Lionel was given guardianship over the property Alexis inherited from Morgan Edge. The doctors felt that it was unlikely that Alexis would ever be the same again. They wanted to try electroshock and medication, but they would have to wait. Those treatments would most certainly injure the child she was carrying.



"Married to the Mob"

Six years later:

Barbara Walters said to the camera, “We have a special treat for you today folks. A man has recently come on the scene who is more than a man. He is in fact a Super Man. He has totally amazed us with his astounding abilities. He has graciously agreed to appear with me today and let the world know why he is here and what his intentions are.” Barbara swivels her chair and the camera backs up so that the view now includes Superman. “Superman, thank you for coming to talk with me today.”

Superman answers, “You are very welcome, Barbara. It’s a pleasure to be hear.”

After much of what Superman believes in had been discussed, Barbara asked, “You seem to be the perfect man. Do you have any flaws you would care to share with us?”

Superman answered, “I have many enemies so it would be foolish of me to discuss my weaknesses, but I do have them. I am by no means perfect. I make mistakes like any man might. That’s why I am no vigilante. I have not set myself up as a judge, jury or executioner. Because I am fallible, I exercise restraint and caution in the use of the powers that I have been blessed with,”

Barbara asked, “Superman, has there ever been a time when someone has cried out to you for help and you have refused? Has there been anyone that you could have saved and didn’t.”

The camera moved in for a close-up. Superman opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t form the words. Then tears began to flow down the face of the Man of Steel and they didn’t stop coming. The interview was over. Superman had cried on national television.

Alone in her room, Alexis stared out the bars at the garden beyond. She had found tranquility here. No one touched her as long as she behaved so she was a very good girl. Without the distractions of the outside world, the gifts given her on the day of the meteor shower were free to express themselves. Ideas that she used to shut out of her head now flowed freely. The workings of the universe seemed so obvious. She had been filled with anger and thoughts of vengeance until the day when she first held her son. Now all she wanted was to have her solitude long enough to think through everything so her plans would go off without a hitch. She would escape, find her son and, with him, build a life in blissful isolation where they could both be safe. Her escape was already underway. She has studied the chemicals the cleaning crew used for various tasks. She had recently begun to soil her bed. The cleaning crew would come in and spray the sheets to temporarily cover the odor until the bed could be changed. She managed to collect drops of the chemicals each time. She thought about her body chemistry and the foods served to her on a regular basis. She forced herself to vomit after eating certain meals in certain portions and saved some of that. She had been allowed to keep two flower pots with fake flowers in her room. She deposited what she collected in each pot along with some cologne she was allowed to keep for being so well behaved. The amounts she could gather were miniscule but in time there would be enough. In combination, the mixture would eat through the bars of her window and she would walk away. She was allowed to wear street clothes when her son visited. She would make her break for it after he leaves and before she is asked to change her clothes. Soon she would son be out in the world again. She now had the knowledge to crush anyone who stood in her way and still had enough money hidden out there to last a lifetime. Let them think she was crazy. Nothing mattered to her any more but the life she would have with her son. Soon she would be free to control her own destiny. But God help anyone who ever tried to lay a hand on her or her son!

The doctor came to Lionel’s hospital room. He checked Lionel’s color and pulse. He reviewed his chart. The doctor said, “You are having an amazing recovery. I would have thought you were a goner. You researchers were correct. The liver tissue we transplanted had some amazing properties. I understand that the tissue was a close match -- which isn’t surprising considering that the donor was a relative. There should be next to no chance that the organ will be rejected. It was unfortunate that the child died so unexpectedly, but in his death, he saved your life.”

Lionel said, “Yes, my grandson was a special little boy. He was as strong as an ox, even at five years old. I’ll miss him terribly. But in a sense, he’ll always be with me. I haven’t decided yet how to break the news of Kal’s death to his mother. She is such a troubled soul and she so looked forward to his visits.

The End.