“The Anniversary Dinner”

Little Clarkie was swinging gently on the front porch swing thinking about what a great day tomorrow would be. It was his parents wedding anniversary and they had agreed to let him take care of dinner for them that night. This meant that he was a big boy now with important responsibilities. As he swung happily, he overheard his Mom and Dad taking inside.

Martha: Jonathan, don’t put that away!
Jon: I’m just trying to help. You usually like to have the counters cleared off.
Martha: Not tonight I don’t. I’m leaving the peanut butter, jelly and bread on the counter for Clark to find when he is ready to make dinner for us tomorrow night.
Jon: Oooh! Almost forgot our promise. I’d better remember to sneak a burger before dinner. Can’t run a farm on peanut butter and jelly.
Martha: You will NOT! You will eat as many sandwiches as he cares to make.

Outside on the porch, Clarkie had stopped smiling and the swing was at a dead stop. He was thinking: “Darn! Moms spoil EVERYTHING. How’d she know what I was making. Now there is no surprise. What am me going to do!” Clark sat for a long time thinking. Then he started getting hungry and he remembered Old David Hayes’s Eatery in town. He remembered that David owed him a favor. In the blink of an eye he was pulling himself up to the counter.

David turned around startled. “Clark, how long have you been there!”

Clarkie: “No matter! I need you to pay me back for what I did for you.”
David: “Well I do appreciate you getting my wife unstuck the other day. Don’t know how you managed. She was wedged in pretty tight that time. So do you want a nice big Sundae.”

Clarkie: “NO! “ Clarkie plugged his ears. “Don’t say anything! Don’t tell me about anything that make me forget why I here!”

David: “Well, whatever you want, name it.”

Clarkie: “Mommy and Daddie have anverses tomarrow and I get them dinner. You make something special for them.”

David: “Sure thing. What’ll it be?”

Clarkie: “What good? For OLD people.”

David: “Everything I make is good.”

Clarkie: “NO Liver!”

David: “Think of what you want and I’ll get the ingredients tonight.”

Clarkie: “NO! Me get. It’s my present.”

David: “That’s OK, you earned it by helping with the wife.”

Clarkie: “NO! N. O. NO means NO! My gift. I get.”

David: “OK, well whatever you want. You bring it, I’ll cook it.”

Clarkie: “They like slimy food in little white boxes.”

David: “Chinese. Fine. You bring it I’ll cook it.”

Clarkie: “Deals a deal.”

As part of his geography lessons, the Kryptonian 4 had circled the globe so Clarkie had become very familiar with the world. He would fly over and find something special for his Mom and Dad to eat. Clark flew until he had passed the Great Wall then smelt around for some good cooking. He knocked on the back door of a Restaurant. When the Chef came out. He pointed at his mouth and made chewing motions and at his stomach and said, “What is GOOD food for Misser Hayes to make Mommy and Daddy?” The chef led him inside and showed him a cage with a chicken in it. “NO. We’s got chicken.” The chef showed him a piglet. “NO. We’s got pigs.” The Chef showed him a side of beef, “NO! We gots moo cow parts. Hey. Whats That!” The Chef took him to a cage. “Looks like a baby rakkoon! That good? GOOD??” The Chef nodded. “Good. Me go find one.” Soon Clarkie was flying over China looking for an animal like the one he saw in the restaurant. He swooped down and grabbed it and was soon back at the Eatery in Smallville.

Clarkie: “Misser Hayes, kill this nice and make for Mommie and Daddy.”
David: “Wow. I’ve never cooked a Masked Palm Civets before. But count on me Clark. I’ll have this cooked up and at your parents back door by 4:30 pm tomorrow.”
Clarkie: “You better! Cause I unstuck your wife and I can restuck her!”
David: “4:30 pm with all the trimmings.”
Clarkie: “And white boxes?”
David: “Can do!”
Clarkie: “GOODIE!”

4:30 pm next day. David meets Clarkie outside the Kent’s rear door.
David: “Here..” cough “is” gag “the” cackle, snort “food” cough, COUGH “as promised, C” COUGH, “Clark.”

Clarkie: “Don’t cough on Mommy and Daddy’s food! Don’t come in either. Don’t want Mommie and Daddie sick. But thank you very mush Misser Hayes!”


Tune in next week for “Who’s SARry Now” on “Clarkie Kent Farm Tales.”



To Continue:



Martha peeked into the kitchen and couldn't help but giggle as Clark standing perched on a stool made sandwich after sandwich and piled them in a pyramid on a platter. Then he carefully poured 2 big glasses of milk. Soon Jonathan joined her. To their surprise he walked right past the table and towards the side door with his tray.

Martha: C l a r k ??? Where are you going?
Clark: Me going to eat in my fort with Kara.
Martha: Weren't you making us dinner tonight?
Clark: Were is right but you am a PEEPING MOM. That is bad thing. Spoil my surprise. That NO fun at all! There no peanut butter or bread left so sorry charlie.
Jonathan: Young man, that is no way to talk to your Mother -- especially today. And that is very selfish for you to take all the food.
Clark: Am not selfish. Me share! Me share dinner with Kara and Me share my bed with Moo Cow!
Martha: Whaaaa!
Clark: Moo Cow was very tired. Stands all day, so me tuck him into my bed! Cow sleepy. DO NOT DISTURB or we get bad milk tomorrow.

Jonathan and Martha looked at each other with their mouths hanging open then headed for the stairs in a blur almost as fast as Clark could run on a bad day. Jon pulled open the door and looked towards where the bed had been. The shades were drawn and the room was dark. The bed had been pushed up against the wall as had almost everything else in the room. There was a huge lump on the bed under the covers. Jon pulled back the covers and there was all the unwashed laudry and all the pillows from the house in a pile and a sign that said, "MOO!" Every one of Clark's toys was lined up around the room with their faces turned to the wall. In the center of the room was a table. On the table were 2 candles with yellow construction paper flames taped to the top. Two flash lights were pointed at the candles to make them look lit up. The table was set with Martha's best China. By each plate were a couple sticks with the bark carefully removed. In the cups were tea bags. Little white boxes were everywhere. On one corner of the table was an old kettle sitting on a hot pad. The kettle had a sign on it that said, "HOT." On closer inspection, there were 2 circular char marks on the side of the kettle.

Jonathan peaked out the window and saw Clark entering the barn with his tray and Kara jumping up and down in anticipation. He looked over at Martha and saw tears in her eyes. He said, "And I had my heart set on peanut butter and jelly. You think Clark will have any left?" Martha tried to say something but just lightly punched Jon in the arm. She finally choked out, "You'll eat what's here and love every bite."

Jonathan pulled out a chair for Martha and she took a seat. Jonathan sat down and said, "Let's see what we have here. I don't recall any farm animals gone missing today." The aroma was making their appetites come alive but the couple spent several minutes working up their bravery before sampling anything. To their amazement, everything they ate, including the main course (whatever it was) was wonderful.

Jonathan said, "No way! Uh-uh. He couldn't have cooked this. This can't be a new power, can it?"

Martha: "If it is, I'm going to be one fat housewife in no time!"

Jonathan: "Don't count on it. I know a way to help you burn off any extra calorie and then some."