“Clark’s Cave”




How come Bruce Wayne gets a cool cave full of bats... and Clark gets a gave full of parasitic worms?

Pete: Clark, Lana is in danger. Her curling iron is stuck in her hair and it's beginning to friz out which is exciting our female freak of the week!

Clark: I must run to the Worm Cave where I can change into Worm Man.

Pete: I liked "The Parasite" better!

So Clark runs to the cave and sticks his octogon into the indent in the wall and ... Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da DA! Worm Man!


Pete: Clark, you know those wooden sticks hanging in the barn loft?
Clark: Which ones?
Pete: The ones that have worms on strings hanging from them.
Clark: Yeah.
Pete: It's pretty gross, what it is?
Clark: Pete, that's my "Worm Mobile" of course!
Pete: Ouch!
Clark: Hey Pete, what should I call my hot line? A Worm-a-rang or my ring-worm?
Pete: OUCH! I don't want to be your side kick anymore. It hurts my foot too much when I kick you in the side.
Clark: But who else could I get to be Decoy Boy?
Pete: Why don't you get that guy in the cave? He can be Cunning Linguist Lad.

Who will be Clark's new side kick? Come back next week. Same Worm Time. Same Worm Channel.






Pa Kent: I tried that new fangled fishing pole you made Clark. Worked great. Caught these 15 fish in one try!

Clark: My Worm Mobile! Pa, you didn't!




Worm Man in disguise as mild mannered Clark Kent hangs out at the Talon:

Clark: Lana, I'm doing a survey for a school project.

Lana: What kind of project?

Clark: We are trying to find out what kind of candy people in Smallville like best so we know what to sell at our fund-raiser.

Lana: Cool.

Clark: Would you mind answering our survey?

Lana: Not at all. Go ahead.

Clark: What would you prefer? A piece from a Whitney Sampler or a taste of a Clark Bar?


Lana: Ouch!






Maybe It's Time for "The New Adventures of WormBoy!"

Maybe not.