"Shirtless in Smallville" (or "Scared Shirtless" ... nah)

After discovering that Lex was an informant for the FBI, Clark got progressively more paranoid and started checking everyone for wires with his X-Ray vision. When he saw wires on Chloe, he said to her, "I was stupid to think that I could trust you. You're spying on me again!"

Chloe said, "No, Clark, I'm not."

He said, "Then what do you call these?" Clark ripped open her blouse and pulled off her black bra.

Chloe quickly covered herself and said, "I call them "breasts," Clark ... or my "Big Girls." "

Clark said, "No. I'm talking about what's in your bra!"

Chloe answered, "So was I."

Clark said, "No! I mean these wires! You have wires in your bra and it's very low cut so I'll look down ... there when I'm talking to you … so you can get a good recording."

Chloe said, "Clark, you've got it all wrong! Let me explain!"

Just then, Martha walked up and said, "What's going on here? Why is Chloe topless?"

Clark yelled, "MOM! NOT YOU TOO! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" He ripped Martha's blouse off and yanked off her bra. "Mom, why on Earth would you wear wires in your bra!"

Martha said, "For the same reason most busty women do -- for added support ... and for the extra special attention you get at airports. Son, haven't you ever heard of under wire bras?"

Clark said, "Are you trying to trick me? Like the time you told me that most people wear their briefs INSIDE their pants?"

W E L L ... Will Clark's paranoia continue?  For the answer to that, show up at the Kent farm wearing an under wire bra.