A Supermanís Work Is Never Done


You'll have to bear with me on this one.  I have to create this index from scratch and it has been a long time since I read these stories.  I have never finished my final proof read yet.  Things got hectic and other stories kept coming into my head.  So for now, I will just give you hyper links and word counts -- no descriptions or Parental Guidance RATINGS.

These are VERY short stories in which Clark deals with family issues and immortality in this series set in the last days of Loisís life and beyond.  The first one was basically a joke.  The next three got a little racy.  Then they got sad a philosophical.  The last one is one of my favorites in it deals with boredom.  Young children can get really bored at times, but imagine a child with superpowers who can do anything.  If life doesn't pose many challenges, fighting boredom is the hardest challenge of them all!


1.  A Superman's Work is Never Done.  [215 words]

2.  Knock Three Times on the Fortress Door.  [629 words]

3.  Like the Mother, Like the Daughter.  [404 words]

4.  Oh, No, Please!  [147 words]

5.  Holey Undertaking.  [975 words]

6.  The Going Away Party.  [1995 words]

7.  And the Lion Shall Lay Down with the Lamb.  [357 words]

8.  Unchallenged.  [1056 words]