"Like the Mother, Like the Daughter"
[Immediate Sequel]


Clark stuck his head into the back door of his daughter's small suburban home. He shouted, "Chloe, it's Dad! I brought home Karel and a friend of hers. I think that it's time you and Karel have a little mother-daughter talk.

Chloe came into the room while wiping her hands on a dish towel. She said, "Hi, Dad. Hi, Pedlar Honey. PEDLAR??!!"

Karel asked, "Mom, ... you KNOW Elongated Man."

Chloe said, "Well ... umm ... uhh. We've bumped into each other ... uh ... MET ... on a few occasions."

Elongated Man said, "Wow! Karel, I didn't know Chloe is your Mom! Talk about keepin' it in the family. I've never been shared like this before ... at least, not that I'm aware of. Man is this awesome! Hey, Chloe. I'd ask how hey're hanging but I just saw them hanging two days ago ... so I don't think they've changed much!"

Karel screamed, "MOM!" All the glass in the house shattered and Karel disappeared in a burst of speed. There was a loud bang when Karel's bedroom door shattered as she slammed it.

Clark looked disapprovingly at his youngest daughter and said, "Chlo-eee!"

Chloe stuck out her lower lip and said, "You aren't going to spank me, are you Dad?"

Elongated Man said, "Oooo. I love it when she pouts and begs. SuperDude, go ahead and spank her. She REALLY likes it! She also likes dressing up in cotton instead of spandex and pretending that she's NOT a super-hero!"

Chloe's jaw dropped and she hung her head in embarrassment. Clark turned to Elongated Man and said, "Not both of them. Tell me you haven't been with both my little girls."

Elongated Man said, "Dude, you are supposed to have great vison. Can't you see that they aren't little at all? Powers ain't all they were well-endowed with. You can't blame me for wanting either of them. What is it they say, "Like the mother, like the daughter?" Something like that anyway. Don't worry, Dude, there's plenty of me to go around. No need to disturb the domestic tranquility. Sharin' is what family is all about!"

Whatís a father to do? Clark just shook his head and wished he could use one his powers to make this all go away, but he couldn't. Even a Superman has the same problems that a normal man might.



The End