ďAnd The Lion Shall Lay Down With the LambĒ


Seven hundred sixty-eight year old Lane Lewis Adams grew more powerful with each passing day.  No one dared commit an act of violence anymore because Lane would know about it before they could act and prevent it.  The people born under his guardianship never knew of violence and didnít understand the concept.  Lane never left his room.  He sat in a chair aware of everyone and everything.  He hadnít eaten food since he was 10 years old.  He was a strict vegetarian since age 3.  Now he survived on sunlight alone.  He wanted Sol to be a paradise but its population was expanding and its resources diminishing to the point of no return.  The sons and daughters of Kal-El had reached out into the universes and brought back supplies to keep the population fed and supplied.  the outer planets and asteroid belt had been  used as material to build a Dyson sphere surrounding the Sol system so that every ounce of energy the sun put out could be harnessed.  Still it wasnít enough.  The El blood had intermixed with human blood so most people were of hybrid birth, but none had ever had anything close to the power Lane possessed Ė and none were as humble or as gentle as he was.


He knew it was time for a change.  His powerful body was a useless tool to him that he hadnít used in centuries.  It was time for him to discard it.  Today, the lion would lay down with the lamb.  Lane spread his consciousness and energies to the farthest reaches of mankind.  Every living creature became as he had been Ė a solar based life form.  No longer would they have bodies that required food or generated waste products.  Even the animals lost their need and desire to eat to survive.  Aggression based on need vanished and Sol knew a peace it had never had.  Lane was gone but yet he was everywhere.  He existed silently, waiting to do the will of the one who gave him his power and wanting nothing more than to serve.



The End