“A Superman’s Work is Never Done”



Superman entered the secret tunnel that lead to the basement of his home in the retirement community where Lois and Clark now lived.  He changed into his street clothes and applied make-up to make him look age-appropriate for a human.  He hadn’t been home in 2 days.  Torrential rains in China had caused the rivers to swell and thousands of homes would have been swept away if not for our 80 year old hero’s tireless efforts.  Clark walked casually into his front room, laid down on the couch and clicked on the TV to catch the end of “Survivor 65.”  Lois hobbled into the room and clicked the TV set off.  Clark knew he was in big trouble but he didn’t know why yet.  Lois turned and glared at him and said, “Didn’t … you … forget  … SOMETHING?!”


Clark jumped up faster that human sight could follow and said, “Sorry!” and kissed his wife on the cheek.


Lois said, “NOT THAT!  What is TODAY?”


Clark said, “It’s not our anniversary.”


Lois said, “What DAY is today?”


Clark said, “It’s Wednesday afternoon.”


Lois said, “It’s TRASH day!  You forgot to take out the trash!”


Even a Superman has many things in common with the average everyday man.