"Oh, No, Please!"
[Immediate Sequel]


Just then, Jordan Kent (Clark's grandson) walked in.

Elongated Man shouted, "DUDE!"

Jordan shouted back, "COM PADRE!"

Clark just whimpered, "Please tell me that the only one on one you guys play is basketball!"

Elongated Man said, "No man, I would never lie to you like that! I believe that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy."

Clark said, "No, no, no, ... no."

Elongated Man said, "Hate basketball. It's soccer, man. Soccer rocks! And Jordon holds back so I can score. And, SuperDude, I REALLY like and admire you and I KNOW that you took a little peak at my -assets up at your pad in the arctic, but ... don't want to break your heart, man ... but I am STRICTLY hetero."

Clark said, "Thank God!"

Sometimes even a Superman is SPARED the problems that a ordinary man might have.




The End