Defetus Attitude: Martha Kent’s Baby Survives


You'll have to bear with me on this one.  I have to create this index from scratch and it has been a long time since I read these stories.  I have never finished my final proof read yet.  Things got hectic and other stories kept coming into my head.  So for now, I will just give you hyper links -- no descriptions, word counts or Parental Guidance RATINGS.

[UPDATE:  I just found the descriptions and word counts in an old document.  But there are still no Parental Guidance Ratings!]

This started as a single story in order to illustrate that Martha's baby wasn't necessarily dead.  Clark had just left for his self-imposed exile in Metropolis.  The summer was upon us.  People were talking about how all the potential stories for Martha's baby died with the miscarriage.  I reminded them that this was fiction and that the baby could still be a continuing character in the show.  I didn't see anyone agreeing with me, so I wrote "Defetus Attitude" -- which freaked people out beyond anything I ever imagined.  The new seasons came and the baby was gone and never mentioned again.  I guess Martha isn't long suffering or else she suffers in silence.  People kept asking me about the story and about what happened to the baby.  I finally wrote a follow-up and I got requests for more.  Someone commented that I didn't have it in me to write about violent situations or intensely evil people.  I decided to prove them wrong.  This series covered a large a strange range of situations.  I finally concluded it with the 12th story.  Then something occurred to me and I wrote the 13th story as a cruel joke.  The joke backfired when people insisted on knowing what happened next.  Far cry from the apathy a lot of my work has inspired recently.  I wrote another 7 stories that abruptly (and intentionally) closed off many of the possibilities for future stories.  But I still get asked if there will be more stories in this series.  Probably not, but never say never.


Total Word Count For Series:  77,000 Words.


8/16/2003.  “Defetus Attitude.”  1137 Words.   Martha’s baby survives!  But Lionel Luthor takes possession of her leaving the Kents believing that the baby is dead.  This was intended as a one shot story intended to show that Martha’s baby could still be kept as part of the continuing story of “Smallville.”  Instead, it lead to the 19 sequels listed below.

11/17/2003.  “Hell Hath No Fury.”  835 Words.   Thirteen years later, Alexis (Martha’s baby) is on the loose in Metropolis and making Superman doubt his choice to become a costumed crime fighter.

12/6/2003.  “A Friendly Little Visit.”  2787 Words.   Someone claiming to be Clark’s friend Cat Grant visits the Kent farmhouse to play head games with Martha and Jon.

“Four More Visits: Shall Kingdom Come” in four parts (totaling 14,121 Words):
12/7/03.  “A Very Friendly Visit.”  2724 Words.  Alexis returns to take advantage of Superman.
12/8/03. “Tidings of Great Joy.”   2552 Words.  Alexis visits her adopted brother Lex to share some news.
12/9/03. “Homecoming.”  6816 Words.   In her time of need, Alexis turns to Martha for help.
12/12/03.  “A Visit With Her Tutor.”  1694 Words.  Reborn as Ryanna, Martha’s daughter gets re-educated.

12/16/03. “Family Reunion.”   2697 Words.  Ryanna meets Lex.

12/17/03. “The Second Mile.”  8000 Words.  Ryanna tries to live her Christianity.

12/20/03.  “Body Memory.”  3028 Words.  This story recounts the years between Alexis’s abduction/adoption by Lionel Luthor and her rebirth as Ryanna.

1/5/2004.  “Fill in the Blank.”  1727 Words.  Ryanna goes to meet her Grandfather and convince him to spend Christmas with the Kent family.

1/6/2004.  “2210.”   960 Words.  A glimpse into Ryanna’s far future.  Kal-El’s return to Earth.

1/7/2004.  “Water, Water Not Everywhere.”   3542 Words.   Ryanna begins living her beliefs by trying to make the world a better place.

“When the Best Isn’t Good Enough.” in three parts (totaling 10,376 Words):
1/9/2004. “I Love Humanity; It’s People I Can’t Stand.”   3013 Words.  Ryanna goes to town, makes a friend and loses a friend.
1/9/2004.  “A Talk in the Park.”  1562 Words.   Ryanna gets some help dealing with loss and guilt.
1/9/2004.  “The Gymnasium.”  5676 Words.  Ryanna works on self-improvement and tries to convince Clark to train as well.

1/12/2004.  “The Only Constant."   5794 Words.  The Kent family gets some sad news and they all try to cope in their own way.

1/15/2004.  “The Package.”   843 Words.  Ryanna thinks she is getting what she has been waiting for – but she gets what Alexis has been waiting for.

1/17/2004.  “The Return.”   2808 Words.  Alexis comes back with a vengeance – and vengeance is what she wants.

1/18/2004.  “By Any Other Name.”  1825 Words.  Pete Ross thinks he has some bad news for the Kents, but he has a surprise in store for him.

1/19/2004.  “Same Content, Different Package.”  3633 Words.  Linda wants people close to her to know that the Ryanna they knew isn’t dead.

1/19/2004.  “Adoption Day.”  2788 Words.   Linda visits the orphanage so the Kents can formally adopt her, but something goes terribly wrong.

1/23/2004.  “First Day of School.”  1433 Words.  Linda goes to school and doesn’t hide her light under a basket.

1/26/2004.  “Tall Tale.”   3215 Words.  Jon must put a spin on the story of Ryanna and Linda to keep the powers that be from taking Linda away.

1/27/2004. “The Two Trios.”   4963 Words.   The spaceship makes demands on Linda that will determine the course of the future for the Kent family.