“Defetus Attitude”  [Immediately following the events of the season 2 finale of “Smallville”]



A young man dressed in the clothes of a hospital intern waited nervously in his truck on the shoulder of the highway halfway between Metropolis and Smallville.  He drummed his fingers on the dashboard and looked up the road and back.  Finally, a long limousine pulled off the road on the opposite side.  The rear window of the car lowered and the dark figure of Lionel Luthor motioned for the intern to come to him.  The young man jumped out of the car and darted across the highway.  Out of nowhere a leather clad figure on a motorcycle streaked past him spinning him in a circle.  He shouted angrily at the motorcyclist who continued on down the highway without turning his head. The cyclist simply raised a hand in the air and waved a single finger as he disappeared over the next rise.  Dazed the man on the road was called back to the task at had by a rapping noise from the limousine.


Lionel:  Boy, I don't have all afternoon, you know.  [the intern scurried over]  Where is the "package"  I ordered?

Intern:  It's in the back of my truck -- on ice.


Lioniel had his driver make a U-turn and pull up behind the truck.  He got out of the limo with 2 companions and sauntered up to the tailgate of the truck.  The intern dragged a cheap disposable foam cooler from the rear of his truck and went to hand it to Lionel.  Lionel shook his head indicating no.  Thinking Lionel didn't want to do the carrying, he turned to hand the cooler to one of Lionel's companions.  Again, Lionel shook his head and motioned for the man to put the cooler down on the tailgate.


Lionel:  Open it.

Intern:  HERE?!

Lionel:  I like to examine what I purchase before paying for it.  I insist.

Intern:  Don't you trust me?

Lionel:  Trust you?  You're lucky I don't escort you back to Smallville and have you show me that you made the substitution for this package per our arrangement.

Intern:  Oh, I made the swap all right.  No one would ever question that the one I left in the hospital ... Oh, no.  There will be no questions at all!


The intern took a couple steps out into the road and looked both ways to make sure no one was coming then rushed back and opened the cooler.  He pulled out a small bundle of towels and placed it on the tailgate.  Lionel motioned to him to continue.


Intern:  Do you have a strong stomach?  Some people wouldn't want to see this.

Lionel:  My dear sir, the only thing I can not stomach is your constant hesitation in carrying out your duties as outline by our very specific arrangement.


The intern unwrapped the towels revealing the remains of a 3rd trimester fetus.  It's grey body lay exposed on the tailgate.  The orderly went to re-wrap his package but Lionel used his cane to push the man's arm aside while he stared at the child born before it's time.


Intern:  You won't want this left out here in this sunlight.  The body won't last long exposed like this.

Lionel:  I want to look at her a little longer.  You can tell she would have been quite beautiful, can't you.

Intern:  Ug.  Whatever.  Do you have my money?

Lionel:  First, how do I know that this is the child I asked for and that I didn't get the substitute.

Intern:  Well, I know you are going to do testing on this ... this ... and the one at the hospital will simply be buried.  You are more likely to catch me that they would be.  All they would do to me is fire me ... or maybe a little jail time.  You.  I really don't want to cross you.


As Lionel watched the baby, he thought he was imagining things.  The skin seemed to grow pinker.   But then the baby's head turned and it stared directly back into Lionel's gaze.  The intern noticed and jumped back 4 feet.


Intern:  It's alive!  I have to get it back to the hospital!

Lionel:  You'll do no such thing.

Intern:  I agreed to steal some dead tissue for you for stem cell research.  I didn't sign on for kidnapping!  And if this child dies while I have her, that could be considered murder.

Lionel:  I can see where the terms of our original deal are no longer appropriate for the current situation -- and I can appreciate a businessman who knows when to re-negotiate -- so what are your terms?

Intern:  The deal is off!


The intern reached for the child.  Lionel's companions pulled him back and stunned him.  Lionel turned to his companions.


Lionel:  You.  Take him in his truck and arrange an accident.


Lionel turned back to the child and smiled down at her.


Child:  [unintelligible foreign language]


Lionel stepped back in shock then he smiled and stepped forward again.


Lionel:  Did you say something, my dear?

Child:  So you choose to speak a terrestrial tongue.  Very well.  Are you the one who will be my Father here?

Lionel:  [Pause for a heartbeat] Yes, I am your Father.  How is it you speak so well?

Child:  I know only what I was meant to know.  There is much yet for me to learn.  Where is my learning chamber?

Lionel:  Umm.  It is not here.  Someone took it from us, but I am determined to find it again.

Child:  Hold me up so I may see this world I am to rule with my mate Kal-El!

Lionel:  Very well.


Lionel held the child high in the air and slowly spun 360 degrees so the child could take in the view.


Child:  It is very pleasing.  Yet, are there no cities?

Lionel:  Yes, many.  They will all be yours someday.  Shall I take you to one?

Child:  Yes, soon.  But where is the one that shall be my mother and caregiver?  My stomach is in pain for lack of nourishment?

Lionel:  We will find her in the city.  I apologize for not having her with us.  We thought you were dead.

Child:  I wasn't ready.  Kal-El could take me to my Mother.  Let me look upon him!

Lionel:  He is not here.

Child:  Then where is he?

Lionel:  I would rather not say.

Child:  Speak!   *please*

Lionel:  Kal-El did not want you.  He has defied his destiny.  You must rule alone ... with my help.

Child:  Kal-El??  Take me to my Mother.  *please*


And the child began to cry softly.


Lionel:  Everything's going to be alright my precious little girl.  You will not be the disappointment your brothers were.  Together, we will hold the world in our hand.  Perhaps I will call you Alexis, after your poor, dear, departed brother.