“The Package”

A courier arrived at the Kent home with a large envelope for Alexis Luthor. To take delivery Ryanna had to submit to a scan of her palm print and a scan of her retina. Having successfully proven that she was Alexis, Ryanna was handed the envelope. After the courier left, Ryanna took the envelope to her room, put it on her bed and looked at it as if it was a snake that crawled out of some hole. She didn’t want to find out anything nasty about Alexis, but she was also somewhat bored that day and curious about what the letter contained. Finally, she opened the envelope and pulled out a typed, unsigned letter that was enclosed. The text of the letter read as follows:

“I am so sorry that you had to wait so long, but I am happy to say that at last I am able to fulfill my obligation to you. Bring the package that only you have access to and we can complete the union. Enclosed is the access card that was left with me for safe keeping. Also enclosed are some photographs that show what you have been waiting for. I hope they fulfill your every expectation. I hope I am not being overly paranoid by not signing this letter, but I can’t chance it falling into the wrong hands and being traced back to me. I know that you will realize that this letter could have only come from one person. I will anxiously await word from you.”

Ryanna slipped the access card from the envelope. It was for a safety deposit vault where Alexis’s money and corporate papers had been kept. Then Ryanna pulled out an enclosed envelope with twenty 8” by 10” photos in it. She almost dropped them when she saw who they were pictures of. Every picture showed Clark lying on a bed with his eyes closed. The pictures were very clinical, but they showed Clark’s body in close detail. Tempted as she had been to use her vision powers in the past to sneak a peak of Clark, she had never done so. This was the first time she had ever seen him naked. She blushed but she had a hard time putting the photos down. Finally, she carefully put the photos back into the envelope and stuck the envelope under her mattress. She kept the access card out and took it with her. Ryanna was nervous but happy. Clark was finally ready for her – and he had left her a wedding present at the bank. She hoped that it would be a wedding dress. She would put it on and walk down the steps to show it off to her Mom and Dad. She was too excited to even stop long enough to leave a note. She was out of the house and in the air in seconds.

At the bank, Ryanna had to submit to another palm scan and retinal scan. Her signature matched the new one that she had filed with the bank a year ago when she withdrew her -assets. Last time her Father accompanied her. This time she felt confident handling this herself. Two men used the access card she gave them to open a vault the size of a large closet. They removed a box from the vault that was 30 inches by 30 inches by 50 inches. The men could barely lift it onto the table. Ryanna couldn’t control herself. She tried to take a quick peak into the box with her x-ray vision but found that it was lead lined. She did however detect a slight humming of some mechanism inside. The box was labeled with a warning that it had a nuclear power cell enclosed. She thought that Clark must have wanted to guarantee that what ever was in there would keep operating for a long time. Maybe he hadn’t planned on their “union” to happen this decade. She was glad that she had managed to win his heart so soon. The men were shocked when Ryanna easily lifted the box by herself. She thanked them for their help and quickly marched out of the vault. She kept going until she was out of the bank and down a deserted alley nearby. Within minutes, Ryanna was walking in the front door of her home.

Jon saw her going upstairs with the box and said, “I hadn’t even known you were gone. What’s that you’ve got there?”

Ryanna called back to him from the door of her room, “Daddy, this is a package for me from Clark! I think we are going to be married soon!” With that, he heard the door of her bedroom shut. Before he could let what she had said sink in, he heard an ear-shattering scream from Ryanna’s room. The screaming continued as he ran up the stairs and flung open the door. On Ryanna’s bed was the open container. Inside the well-insulated box were a nuclear powered cooling unit ... and the frozen head of Lionel Luthor.


I know, I know. I should have stopped when I was a head.

End of “First Day at School”