Other Stories


Imprisoned and The Silence of the Duck
August 2004(?)  "Imprisoned"  [575 words]  This short story explores fate of a beloved Moderator from the WB message Boards.
August 2004(?)  "The Silence of the Duck"  [545 words]  Sequel to "Imprisoned."  The prisoner makes a strange bargain with her jailer.


Heaven's Gate
November 2004  "Heaven's Gate"  Rated PG  [3436 words]  This was a failed entry for the "Dead of Winter" contest on Toasted-Cheese.com.  The story had to have a super natural theme and involve a house at the end of a lane.  This story involves a private investigator hired to solve the mystery of several "found" children.


The Red Thread Mystery
3/22/2005(?)  "The Red Thread Mystery"  Rated G Wiz  [545 words]  This was inspired by another contest on Toasted-Cheese.com but never submitted.  Strong "pun-tolerance" is required for this one.


April 2005  "Comfort"  Rated G  [650 words]  These are blurred memories of an incident/feeling I experienced as a child.


Cold Dish
9/12/2006  "Cold Dish"  Rated R  [9250 words]  I didn't know how to describe this one, but a friend described this as having the atmosphere of a lurid 50's novel.  This story starts when a stylish couple have to tolerate waiting in a filthy tire repair shop while getting a flat tire repaired.  But does it really start there?