An Overview of Clara’s Life





Just in case Any of you are new to these stories and wants to know a little bit about what they are getting into before plunging in, I put together this list of stories that will get you give you an overview of who she is and what she's about.  I wrote "Saved by an Angel" first and it was intended to stand alone.  It was just another "Else World" (Alternate Universe) version of "Smallville."  I thought it was simple and pure and was enough to unleash people's imaginations as to the possibilities of it all.  I had no intention of writing any more stories about Clara (but please don't tell her!  That can be our little secret.).  It was almost a year later that a few people started asking me about Clara.  I had honestly forgotten that I had even written the story.  Since a few people wanted a sequel, I decided to finish the entire thing in one effort by writing an outline of the next seven years of her life in "The Temptation of Lex Luthor."  Then I brought Clara back to contribute to a Halloween story challenge with the story "The Farmer Girl from Hell."  The story "A Fast Ride to the Graveyard" would have fit the Halloween theme better, but Clara hadn't shared that story with me yet.  I went on to write the next seven years after "Temptation" in "Hidden Fears, Frozen Tears."  Then I decided to try to prove to myself and others that this would be a worthwhile concept for a TV series by challenging myself to create a total of 20 stories.  I figured that if I was able to create that many, a professional writing team could certainly think of enough stories to write a series that could eventually end up in syndication.  I over shot my goal by writing more than 80 Clara stories so far.  I'm trying to finish typing them all and compile them into a series of novels just to get everything tidy before moving on.  Where I'm going, I haven't a clue.


The Clara stories ended up being read by people all over the world.  In fact, I believe that not fully understanding English adds to the reader's enjoyment!


The last story on the list is a parody that I wrote in a 20 minutes after finishing "Temptation."  Whereas I didn't get much feedback at all from the huge effort to type up "Temptation," cousins was met with many many laughing smilies as feedback.  I thought that my parody was pretty cruel so the audience approval of the story made me very depressed.  But the reaction to "Cousins" has spurred me on to write more stories in the hopes that some day, the real stories will be as well thought of as the parody.




1. Saved by an Angel  Rated PG-13 [2431 words]  Clara meets Lex for the second time of her life when she pulls him from the river after his car plummets off a bridge. Pilot episode.


2. The Arrival  Rated PG [4580 words]  Clara is heading towards Earth and is dealing with the death of her parents and the possibility of living a prisoner of the spaceship that carries her. First meeting with the Kents and Lex and Lionel Luthor.


3. The Temptation of Lex Luthor  Rated R [26,628 words]  Overview of Lex’s courtship of Clara. Red Kryptonite and Helen Bryce.


4. Hidden Fears, Frozen Tears  Rated R [63,198 words]  Clara fears that Lex is being unfaithful to her. The story of Clara’s fight with Doomsday is told.


5. You Only Kill the Ones You Love   Rated R [8202 words]  Leah continues to be a problem child – unleashing Lionel’s vengeance upon the Lex’s family.  This story covers an 18 month period.


6. Cousins  Rated PG [747 words]  Parody of the Clara Kent Saga and some well known movies.