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Eventually, I hope to learn how to use KompoZer to update this site since Front Page is no longer available to me.  Wish me luck.  I think I'll need it.  Thanks for your patience.

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Miscellaneous Fan Fictions

Random “Smallville” and DC Comics Based Fictions.


"A Place for Him”

A “Smallville” Musical.  They said it couldn’t be done.  Or did they say it “shouldn’t be done?  Anyway, I did it and here it is for what it’s worth.


Smallville AU:  The Chronicles of Clara Kent

This is a series of stories based upon “Smallville” but set in an Alternate Universe where Jor-El had a daughter Kayla instead of a son.


Defetus Attitude:  Martha Kent’s Baby Survives

This is a series of stories that is based upon what might have happened if Martha’s daughter had been bio-engineered by Clark’s spaceship and survived the miscarriage.  These stories are badly in need of an edit.  Also, they haven't been rated for content yet, so assume the worst and let the reader beware.


A Superman’s Work Is Never Done

Clark deals with family issues and immortality in this series set in the last days of Lois’s life and beyond.  These stories have not been rated for content.


Little Known Smallville Facts

These are a series of short stories written as if they are historical accounts of Smallville and its residents.


Other Stories

Here are my few attempts to write stories that are not based on characters created by others.


Artwork and Other Creations

This is a space for images of drawings I have made and other work I have done.


Family Photos


Contact Information



As yet, I have no idea how to create an area where people can post comments.  Maybe someday I will figure it out.






Other Stuff:


The Greg Brady Interviews

I will post the radio interviews that Greg had with the stars of "Smallville" as those interviews resurface.